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  1. Hi Antonio, The only issue with that is if you are revived quickly by staff you will likely lose your weapons which results in a lot of unhappy players. It's an event we can discuss again at the next staff meeting; however, I cannot promise anything. Regards, Kollektiv
  2. Hi Jusin, Thank you for your feedback. Due to the server being modeled on the Real-life equivalent of Melbourne VIC, Australia, it is definitely more common to have Outlaw motorcycle clubs active on the server rather than things such as Mafia's, and Cartels. That being said they are not ruled out from applying. All applications go through a stringent vetting process by members of Staff who focus on Gangs and organisations. Things such as being whitelisted for 3-months prior to applying are part of the criteria that needs to be met by applicants. Likewise, operating as an organis
  3. Update from the Developer team:
  4. @dntblowitup. I have been made aware that you have breached a community guideline and other members of your organisation have also. At this point in time your application for registration is declined and if you are operating as a Yakuza you are asked to immediately cease. -Kollektiv
  5. @dntblowitup I require more information. I would like a list of the proposed members for this organisation (steam names). You may direct message this to me on Discord. Regards Kollektiv
  6. Thank you for your application. The staff team have received this and are currently reviewing your application. -Kollektiv
  7. Hi Chommpe, This event was held previously; unfortunately, people decided to start hiding weapons that were handed out during the purge and then using them after the purge in order to gain an advantage in RP. As such, staff decided against hosting further purge nights. However, we have in the past held a hunger games in a specific area etc. where teams compete for prizes, the winner is crowned the winner after dominating all other teams. Regards, Kollektiv
  8. Hey mate, you'll need to submit a ticket for that one it's on the main menu under Applications/Reports/Support Tickets/Ban Appeals.
  9. Suggest a /twt handle for MCV so that Magistrates can uniquely announce that the courts are open for cases to be heard. Also saves Magistrate's spending $$$ on multiple ads.
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