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  4. Hi all, Well what a challenging month it has been in BlueBirds world. Here are some of the changes we have made over the past month. New features added: - Added extra trees in the Harmony area. - New YMAP for 'Magnus Autos'. - Addition of female vest and shirt added for Sheriffs. - Numerous Police Car models added (FG Falcon, Camry Sports, Updated Divisional Van, Unmarked HSV, Unmarked Ford Ranger etc..) - New vehicles added to dealerships. - New Injury script [/skel]. - New Police vests and shirts added. - New Grapeseed station added. - Added PSO uniforms. - Female Cargo pants added [trial]. - Immigration? Don't think this has been previously mentioned. - Clothing. Back end changes: - Updates to Mechanic job to support new fixing/repairs. - Adjustments made to support new house system. - Added whitelisting to house purchasing. - Updated Taxi model. - Updates to chicken job [Pricing]. - Removal of clothing that was causing issues for players. - Fixed issues with gun holsters - Fixed esx_impound to allow towies to do more than 1. - Updates to housing configuration. - Fixes applied to eliminate fraud in certain jobs. - Updates to fix interior issues with Vinewood Police Station and Davis Police Station. - Fine tuning of paintball script to improve performance and reduce load on server. - Updates to ELSC. - Added masks for females. - Updated some images for inventory items. - Fixes applied to sell drugs. - Fixes applied to resolve the problem with boats dying. - Added logging to property inventories at Pink Cage. - Frankies hair fixed. - Fixes to furnishing of houses. - Upgrades to hacker/modder detection systems to include FIB buildings amongst others. - Updates to cleanworld related scripts to ensure optimum performance. - Changes made to ambulancejob to support new damage script. - Added esx_hifi. - Updates to Police job to force players into 'conversation' voice range when in handcuffs, No more yelling across Melbourne Station - Updated HoxtonMap to include changes made by BC. - Fixed death timer issues. - Fixed court streaming files. - Fixed Tequil garage issues. - Fixed interior for new night club. - Fixed issues with used car dealership at Harmony. - Updates to kill feed. - More fixes for population script. - Fixed reporting of commission. - Changes to admin menus. - Added teleport menu for Vinewood Police Station. - General optimisation for enhanced player experience. That's about it for now all, Ciao! - Ando
  5. Hi all, Quick update on some of the changes that have been made over the last week. - Added Give ID to Police to radial menu (G menu). - Fixed issues with Outlawalerts. - Fixed vehicle spawn issues for mafia job. - Updated population to not kill helicopters. - Updates applied to Slow life Motors. - Added updated Pillbox Hospital Interior (Learn your German ladies and gents). - New towing script product trial underway. - Changes made to Black market. - Prep work done for updates to housing system. - New taxi metre added for taxi job. - Updates made to taxi job. - New Civ clothing added for males. - Updates made to billing to improve fraud checking
  6. Hi all, July has been a month where we have undertaken many changes in both how we operate and the features we have added. A summary of these changes are as follows. Please note that details around certain updates are limited for a good reason. New features added: - New fresh emote menu (F2). - New Clothing menu (U). - New in game radio systems (Both Civilian and Emergency Services). - Addition of Wicked Karting at the Airport. - New Police Uniforms. - New Civilian clothing for males and females. - New 'pancake' weapon holsters. - New female hair style options. - Ability for Supporters to sell support vehicles. - New free bicycles available at various points throughout the city. - New vehicles added to public dealerships - New Speed radar system added for Police Back end changes: - Removal of unused or problematic YMAPS to improve player experience and performance. - Updates to the in game radio system to allow controller inputs. - Updated radial menu to fix misalignment's for public. - Tax rate changes for certain businesses. - Vanilla Unicorn exterior YMAP added. - Blocked the ability for a player to activate their radio whilst in handcuffs. - Changes made to DPEmotes menu to not activate on controller inputs. - Modified take hostage command to remove the ability to take people hostage who are in a vehicle or more than 1.1 in game units away from player. - Script changes to reload vehicles when they are invisible (linked in with the /seemycar command). - Updates to locking system to ensure compatibility with other systems. - Removal of purchasable helicopters and weapon attachments from Security job. - Changes made to connect queue messaging when the server is in restricted mode. - Population and blacklist changes made around NPC Emergency vehicle spawns. - Blocked trucks with bouncing trailers from spawning. - Updates to radio channel frequencies. - Clothing added for MC's. - Aircraft use restricted to Police aircraft and Air Ambulance helicopters due to NPC spawns. - Resolved memory leaks caused by FiveM changes. - Updates to ELS - Changes to used car dealership to only allow 1 vehicle per player to be sold at any given time. - Updated Police ANPR to ignore certain vehicle models (ie. BMX). - Updates to front / back wheel modifications at LS Customs. - Updates to Jail script to (hopefully) prevent mass jailing events. - Numerous changes to vehicle handling - Location changes of a number of businesses (inclusive of map blips) - Changes made to paramedic revive to not also heal the player upon being revived. This ensures the player still needs to attend hospital. - Updates to staff commands and messaging where certain features are being disabled (ie OOC chat) - Fixed weapon drawing - Numerous script and detection features added to deal with modders (Alot of work has been done in this space). - Updates to mafia job to reflect new organisation. - Lots of changes to the back end made to enhance the playing experience and performance. Rule changes: There have been some changes made to our community guidelines throughout the month of July. We would ask you all to refresh yourself with our community guidelines so you are fully across these changes. Below specifically refers to the addition of the in game radios and the change around acceptable use of Discord as a form of communication. 13) Metagaming: Please do not Metagame, Metagaming is the act of using out-of-character information for in-game roleplay. The use of third-party applications for communication while in the server is not allowed. - Think "Does my character have any way of knowing this?". Things learnt from another one of your characters is NOT PERMITTED in any form, even if they are related. Your characters must never share the same information Also note utilizing things seen using the 3rd person camera is metagaming if your character wouldn't be able to see it with their own eyes too (people sneaking up behind you etc). Please note from now on using the In-game Radio or the phone is the only way to communicate in RP conversations to other people we no longer allow people to use discord to communicate in game people caught doing this will be treated as a metagaming violation. That's about all for the month of July, Going forward we will endeavour to release these change logs more frequently however this will be subject to availability of time to do so.
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  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vgVFXc5wctbLbuWEBNrm9dr3uQ2ku0rn7Wwa1GX6Bo8/edit?usp=sharing
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    Blood in the mud Location: O'Neils Ranch, Grapeseed See poster for more information.
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