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a review on the server


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while playing in this server I've seen many good things happen and people joining, but after some time playing some shall; we say secretly salty players have been 2 sided in a way some players are a** kissers to admins and mods but while talking to other people and even in an instance when they did something wrong they automatically had the admins and mods join there side. I've seen people that are already known and maybe popular outside of the server are treated differently to other people when joining causing some RP to just not be fun. I've seen a few people banned and kicked for reasons that just aren't reasonable as the reasons they were kicked, using game features to tell people they are having an issue-kick or ban(temp), or following RP properly and then someone taking stuff from I don't know where and making up a story has ended up with people getting warnings and once a kick. this server is just full of one side reading admins mods, don't get me wrong there are good ones but some just don't read both sides or talking to other people of the admin mod or CAT teams and go immediately to one conclusion of punish. just all out not a fun game play. - Hedgerclan (previous player): James Rag/John Rag. 


- please allow other people than in the RedM leadership team to read this and consider going back over some things with them to not ruin other peoples fun.  

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Hi PurpleGhost,

Is this in reference to RedM specifically or FiveM inclusive? Regardless, if you are observing things occur you believe to not be in the best interest of the community we would certainly encourage you to submit tickets to the admin team for us to review and action where appropriate. We would love to hear more.

Thanks for sharing your feedback, have a great day!

- Ando
BB Admin Team

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