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  1. You need to make your own thread.
  2. Seems like you've been banned as you were with people doing it mate, unfortunately just don't hang with people duping
  3. Hey mate, sorry to hear about that. I have had something similar happen, and you have to just file your report, with all the information you can add. Do you have bodycam?
  4. You will just have to try get yourself "involved" I found it very hard, as a lot of players have an "Elitist" view on new "Dannies" that join the server, basically if you don't have a book of knowledge already, no one wants to become your friend. *No-one, as in very little people* All I can say is, we've all been there, maybe not on BBRP, although we've been new once before and had it tough to make new friends, just keep pushing, you'll get there buddy.
  5. Yeah your right, I meant the main two that most people do it for, didn't mean any ill intent.
  6. I have tried to do this also.. cannot seem to change it from K, doingmy head in lol
  7. I believe there is gold supporter and gold smith, others just support server no benefit.
  8. I have been firsthand to this, it does get very old when they do it every second hour... I feel your pain
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