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  1. Howdy All. From the outset, I do not want this to come across as a complaint or criticism, Secondly, I am not exactly sure of the process in adding cars and which cars are acceptable (eg poly count, Tuning, etc) I have compiled a list below of Vehicles that I think would be acceptable as Non supporter Cars to be sold at Magnus and Luxury Autos, I would suggest that these Vehicles do not go in the Dealer at Route 68 for some time as this will assist the businesses, not only from a financial point but an RP and activity point. (Some of these Vehicles may or may not have been in
  2. Agreed.. I don't think the base car range has changed since I first come here.. I totally understand the supporter system and what it does for the server, But the base car range doesn't have to have to have anything amazing, I think it just needs to have a reshuffle, There a lot of quality Vanilla GTA cars that have come out over the last several updates.. maybe these could be implemented
  3. Just enquiring to whether it is possible for those with Police Roles can have a Spawn Option for Police Station, Usually I would use Last Position however when you or the server crashes you are either in the middle of nowhere when you come back or you have to spawn at a garage along with everyone else and you have to make your way back to the station and you will usually will still be equip with all of your weapons.
  4. There is already a HSV Maloo thread below this one
  5. As per title, A golf day, Below is a link for script made by Koil, Something different and fresh. A few business's could sponsor some prizes and bada bing bada boom https://forum.fivem.net/t/koil-golf-updated-12-8/57957/20 Edit: Im not sure how updated the script is or if multiple people can play at once but you could maybe do a tournament style format where everyone plays around and the scores are added at the end and if then you could do like a playoff if there is a tie..
  6. Yeah the model i seen was Right Hand but the GTA mechanics are Left Hand as per US so when you got in and out of the car you kinda glitched through before you actually got in
  7. The only issue with this car, if it is the same model I have seen elsewhere is the Driver Side is on the Right hand so getting in and out of the car can be buggy and delayed. But in any case the car would be good to have considering we are AUS Based.
  8. Be even better if they were on a Keybind
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