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  1. sandy to paleto off road rally set over 20 stages your only allowed to repair the car after 5 stages so risk v reward or if you crash out your car will be repair but your incur and 30 sec time penalty which is added to the last player to finish if you crash on the next stage it will be a minute back and so on i was thinking everyone should be in the same car so it comes down to the driver.
  2. Anyone interested in participating in a Rally from Sandy shores to Paleto it will be over 20 stages everyone will have the same car the map hud will be off so your co driver will have to guide you ( maybe have an open class for those that want to race but you wont be able to claim the top prize) so it comes down to the driver your only allowed to repair your car after every 5 stages or if you crash and write your car off your car will be repaired but you'll get a 30 second penalty which will be added to the last car to finish the stage so its a risk reward. anyone that wants in will be a 5k entrence fee and the top 3 cash out. plus the winner of each stage will get a cash prize. any way if anyone is interested leave a message or if you have some suggestions leave those also.
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