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  1. https://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/support/ Under ban appeals
  2. I should be pushing an update today hopefully with some new stuff but i do have more coming
  3. I've been working on implementing more variety of clothes for females, The only unfortunate issue is that their isnt much out there for ladies, But i will try my best
  4. Would love this, /roll is fun but a coin flip system can do well with RP or gambling
  5. Is it possible to move the HUD for the death to the bottom Right of the screen as when the medics type above their head at times its hard to see what they are saying.
  6. Hit me up here or sms me on 22845 Thanks
  7. Risk it for the Biscuit But completely understandable.
  8. As per purge movie, couldn't you bring your own weapons. Nothing be handed out?
  9. We have many cars and minimal bike so i think the catalog for bikes should be updated with a few more goodies for the Bike Enthusiasts Here is the Harley Davidson Fat boy https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/harley-davidson-fat-boy-terminator-2-hq-add-on Features:HQ BodyHQ EngineHands on handlebarsWorking DialsCollisionsReflecting MirrorsActive SuspensionWorking LightsDual Colour choiceLivery support for Paint jobsAnd much more...
  10. i just died for sitting in the drivers seat on full HP,
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