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  1. I believe not, as this is something you should be triple checking before finalizing your payments.
  2. Hey @David Moon Common issue comes up - have you tried looking in all the other garage zones (city/sandy/grapeseed) or the insurance, maybe even police impound? Hope this helps
  3. @ItsDKoda I completely agree, if the state of economy was different I don't believe this would happen. But I also believe that those handful doing stuff like that, should be punished beyond RP telling them to change their RP as it's not interesting or unique. It's hard because I also understand the mentality of "criminals have everything to lose and cops have nothing to lose" so it's a hard situation. The sheer speed differences between player vehicles and police vehicles are what I believe pushes people to use bikes.
  4. I heard down the grapevine that the Gargoyle is the next bike to be adjusted. My personal opinion is - if we are adjusting one vehicle: all the vehicles should be pushed for their update sooner police vehicles included. As this seems to be an issue due to sawn off meta / gunning it offroad / wheelie at 300kmph+ > some cities I've visited when you're in a vehicle you can still shoot from that vehicle, your "crosshair/centre of your eyes" would sway at higher speeds so it makes your accuracy harder, instead of just abolishing shooting from vehicles > i personally believe those that are exploiting going off-road every time should just be spoken to, told to change up their RP or get a warning as it is shit roleplay. What are your thoughts?
  5. Hey @jimmy samson Giving amounts more than $500 is a gold perk, as unfortunate as it is that's how it is. Here are some alternatives: if someone owns a house, you can put money into the storage if they give you gets for a moment i believe bank transfers work at the ATM (trial this with small amounts first using the persons # number) get a hold of an ATM eftpos machine where someone can charge you the amount Hope this helps
  6. Maybe try uninstalling FiveM and reinstalling it, signing back into CFx and try again.
  7. Hey @Baguette I am not sure that will warrant a reset of your account but you can always try. Please be reminded you need to undergo some form of RP to die, where there is no success in resuscitation by MICA. Please also be reminded that this isn't an instant delete of your account as it has to get progressed to AV where they can further accept or deny it (this process can take up to 1+ months). The applications drop down up the top > support > new request > under department there will be a 'perma death application'. Another alternative is becoming a server supporter to open up your second character slot. Good luck!
  8. There's a logo on that jacket, meaning it's a business related jacket so it's restricted to business only.
  9. The point of RP is to engage and interact. I don't think sitting in one spot long enough for the timer to start should be even considered. I believe that is why they're looking into changing all the jobs so people stop 'AFK farming'. But I agree with Scuba, it is not dependent on if you are near your property.
  10. Would be nice to have more 6 seater cars rather than people hanging off of the sides.
  11. +1 interesting concept of a script. My worries would be would it get abused on what people write (regarding rules breaks) / would 'crews' try claim territory by using spray paint.
  12. Hi there @john smith21 You'll need to appeal your account properly with as much information as you possibly can. (dates/issue what happened and when you were last in the server). To put an appeal in at the top of your page you'll see "Applications/Reports/Support Tickets/Ban Appeals" if you let that drop down you can go to "Support" this is where you're going to submit a ticket. Good luck! (I highly suggest making sure your Discord passwords are changed and turn on two-factor authentication to avoid being hacked in the future)
  13. +1 helpful guide, will definitely link this when people ask in discord
  14. I don't believe BMX bikes in robberies was the issue, more so along the lines of drug selling and somehow bunny hopping and wall riding onto house roofs and getting away that way from police showing and drug sales. Yes bikes got changed a lot, they definitely are not unusable.
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