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Organisation Application Policy - Update Jan 2021


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Bluebird RP supports a wide range of Roleplay styles and a part of the diversity in roleplay we intend to create is our Organisations be it illegal or legal in nature. Organisations play a significant role in the day to actions of common citizens and criminals alike so whenever we review an Org application, we always look to see how best your organisation can serve the community and bring unique roleplay to our city.

Criminal Organisations

These are out most common received application and are extremely competitive at the application stage as we are very selective. The way a Criminal Organisation works on BBRP is we allow you to set your foundations and find a place in the criminal underworld from there you are given the opportunity to open doors to more and more of the criminal world. We have high expectations for our organisations, so we require on any Organisations Approval an establishment cost of $100,000 dirty money. This approves a leader, a second in command and 5 other Members / Patched Members in your org (no limit on prospects or hang-arounds etc).
Keep in mind this only allows you to act as the organisation itself not everything else that comes with it.

We have clear and established process when it comes to how you grow your org which you will be clued into when you are approved to operate in our city.


Other Organisations

We also have some organisations that are not typically a business but are not a gang either. They do not have to be strictly legal, but their roleplay should not be gang oriented. Examples such as Car clubs, Gambling clubs and other activities where individuals share a likened interest are welcome to apply. These Organisations often run successful events and are places where characters in the community can come together over something, they all enjoy.


Tips on how to get a successful Org Application.

1.       Be patient – once your application is in do not DM or reach out to staff these are checked regularly and its likely your application has been read. They do take some time as we need to fully evaluate each application.

2.       Do not Jump the gun – We understand you might be excited to begin your Org roleplay however do not commence this Roleplay until approved – it is likely your application will be denied if we see you doing this.

3.       Bring something new to the table – This does not mean you cannot be x type of Organisation because we have a similar one. It means that we want to see what makes your org stand out.

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