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Expansion to Semi-Trucks?


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The idea:

Perhaps implementing either a job for people order based deliveries in the semi-truck+box trailer combo?

The Purpose/Problem this could patch:

Often times, stocking Tequilala can be quite tedious, especially considering the amount of tabs we tend to draw


This way, say one of the social jobs OR supporter stores are low, someone can do a contract job through RP for extra cash?

Unsure how to balance this really, but maybe they back the trailer up to a location, use a context sensitive button prompt, this will slowly fill the trailer with whatever the product is, and moves it to one of the social job's drop-off zones, loading the product into the storage.

Perhaps even a way for the driver to provide their own semi-truck and trailer for the job, this being a contract job and all, it could be tied to the oil/fuel delivery job. This would flesh out the job more, and create more diverse traffic on the roads.

An easy way to make sure that Semi-Truck drivers don't run out of work with their box trailers would be to allow the different convenience stores, Bahama mamas, and other, less player interactive locations to send out automated contracts for delivery


  • This would create a form of supply chain in the city
  • Delivery truck drivers would have more to do
  • A reason to own a semi-truck other than for transporting cars


How does this help RP?

This would help add depth to characters. Allowing someone to take on a rather skill intensive job that requires additional licensing by the government. It's a skill to throw on any of the more social job's applications. It also makes the world more fleshed out and realistic.

Preferably more social business based contracts would pay more for the truck driver: i.e. Tequilala is low on stock, this pays the driver 5K for the job, but a convenience store automated contract would pay 1K.

Perhaps having a CB radio for drivers could allow them to communicate more



  • What happens when there are no drivers on?
  • Speed of delivery?
  • How much stock is too much for a social business? How do you balance how much you drop off?


~Edwin Carnagie


Edited by Old-Man-Edwin
just fine tuning some of my ideas that I typed out, making sure verbage is correct. Expanding on ideas

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I don't see the edit button now... but I was going to change the problem it would solve portion to read more like the following:

Often times, stocking Tequilala can be quite tedious, especially considering the amount of tabs we tend to draw. I would assume Galaxy has similar issues.

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