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SERVER UPDATE 03/09/2020


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Hi all,


Well what a challenging month it has been in BlueBirds world. Here are some of the changes we have made over the past month.


New features added:

- Added extra trees in the Harmony area.

- New YMAP for 'Magnus Autos'.

- Addition of female vest and shirt added for Sheriffs.

- Numerous Police Car models added (FG Falcon, Camry Sports, Updated Divisional Van, Unmarked HSV, Unmarked Ford Ranger etc..)

- New vehicles added to dealerships.

- New Injury script [/skel].

- New Police vests and shirts added.

- New Grapeseed station added.

- Added PSO uniforms.

- Female Cargo pants added [trial].

- Immigration? Don't think this has been previously mentioned.

- Clothing.





Back end changes:

- Updates to Mechanic job to support new fixing/repairs.

- Adjustments made to support new house system.

- Added whitelisting to house purchasing.

- Updated Taxi model.

- Updates to chicken job [Pricing].

- Removal of clothing that was causing issues for players.

- Fixed issues with gun holsters

- Fixed esx_impound to allow towies to do more than 1.

- Updates to housing configuration.

- Fixes applied to eliminate fraud in certain jobs.

- Updates to fix interior issues with Vinewood Police Station and Davis Police Station.

- Fine tuning of paintball script to improve performance and reduce load on server.

- Updates to ELSC.

- Added masks for females.

- Updated some images for inventory items.

- Fixes applied to sell drugs.

- Fixes applied to resolve the problem with boats dying.

- Added logging to property inventories at Pink Cage.

- Frankies hair fixed.

- Fixes to furnishing of houses.

- Upgrades to hacker/modder detection systems to include FIB buildings amongst others.

- Updates to cleanworld related scripts to ensure optimum performance.

- Changes made to ambulancejob to support new damage script.

- Added esx_hifi.

- Updates to Police job to force players into 'conversation' voice range when in handcuffs, No more yelling across Melbourne Station 😉

- Updated HoxtonMap to include changes made by BC.

- Fixed death timer issues.

- Fixed court streaming files.

- Fixed Tequil garage issues.

- Fixed interior for new night club.

- Fixed issues with used car dealership at Harmony.

- Updates to kill feed.

- More fixes for population script.

- Fixed reporting of commission.

- Changes to admin menus.

- Added teleport menu for Vinewood Police Station.

- General optimisation for enhanced player experience.


That's about it for now all, Ciao!


- Ando



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