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Hello BlueBird users!

BlueBirdRP was created just over 14 months ago, and since it’s creation it has evolved into something a lot bigger than many people expected. The staff and I are so happy that we could take you all along with us in the journey from then until now. 

  The reason for this post is due to some changes we are going to have to implement to the way we run things at BlueBird, to fall in line with changes that have been made elsewhere. For the majority of players/users, the experience won’t change at all and even if it does, it will be quite minor.


The first thing we’d like to talk about is the name BlueBirdRP.

 We love the name and it’s amazing to hear people talk about it and hear so may positive things. We do however need to make a slight change to it when looking at what we do as a whole. BlueBirdRP, has become much more than just an RP server, but a whole community of gamers doing different things under that name. With the introduction of our (in Alpha) esports discord, and looking into other games like Rust, Minecraft and more, we’ve realised that BlueBirdRP doesn’t quite cover what we do. So the change is simple, moving forward, we will just be BlueBird. It’s not a massive change, but it an important one. This means for the purposes of categorising us, we are a gaming community, and all income is for the community, from there we have subsets that specialise in different things. This obviously would be the RP subset for GTA (and other future games), the esports subset for all competitive games and more. We just wanted people to know about this before we started dropping the RP from things and people become confused.



Secondly, Patreon!


Although our community may be over 14 months old, we didn’t start utilising Patreon and StreamElements until January this year (2019). When we first started taking subscriptions, we made three tiers; Bronze ($5), Silver ($10), Gold ($25). The only perk that came with that from the start was Gold tier subs, having priority access in the queue. It was very simple and easy, but over time, we decided that we wanted to really say thank you to those who involved themselves in our community and started creating the BlueBird Affiliate tiers. This program allows you to receive all the same perks as subbing to BlueBird, while also giving some money back to the content creators. Once this started we were asked if people could contribute for larger amounts. Never before did we think people would say, “Hey, can I give you more money than you’ve asked for?”. So we started to create higher tiers and introduced the BlueBird Partner program, allowing those Affiliates who’ve proven themselves to get larger subscription tiers associated with their brand. Over time we added a lot of new features, including our system of “Golden Feathers”. This system was fantastic, it allowed people who contributed to be rewarded with in game items that didn’t effect RP, having additional money allowed them to purchase some cool cars and focus more on interpersonal RP over grinding jobs. As a team we knew any good RPers would know that you don’t need money to roleplay, roleplay can be made from anything and it was great to see the good RPers realise this simple fact.


 The future of our payment plans will be a little different, while still retaining the same style that everyone has come to know. We will be moving our subscriptions and donations from Patreon and StreamElements to our forums at http://bluebirdrp.live/index.php?/store/ 
These forums will allow us to do a lot of very cool things. The subscriptions you make will work in the same way as they did before, where you will get your discord roles, you will also get a badge on the forums depending on who you subscribe to. The biggest change is, all forms of payment will be moving to AUD instead of USD. So you will get a lot of the same features for less. 


This brings us to Golden Feathers.

You are probably wondering how this all effects golden feathers. All current golden feathers are being converted to in GTA currency, however after the 01/12/2019 you will no longer receive them and rewards will be based on your subscription tiers. We will be releasing a full breakdown of the changes to subscription tiers and what perks will go along with them. 

Our wonderful content creators!
Contracts will be handed out to our creators which will outline more closely the what it means to be associated with BlueBird. One major point will be regarding perks for being subbed to a specific content creator, admin or dev. This will no longer be allowed in any capacity and all subscriptions of the same value will receive the same rewards. The payouts will also align with the changes from USD to AUD.

Lastly Multiclanning
This is something we haven’t looked into much in the past, but it is becoming more relevant as we grow. If you hold a position of power, you won’t be able to hold a position of power on another server. This is to make sure you aren’t spread too thin between places, in the same way we don’t want other servers to suffer for having less of your time, we don’t want to have big roles being half done.

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