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Town Meeting Notes 001


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BlueBird Town Meeting 001


Date: 02/08/19

Time: 7:00pm AEST

Close: 10:35 AEST

Attendance: 72


Topics discussed-

Disciplinary action - the process we use for verbals, yellow cards, kicks and bans

See attached document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M8_KTPChJB4UEZqdYmcsp9S-hPJHkhfr6CCMhlr9Zf4/edit?usp=sharing 

Introducing the neighbourhood watch (with new guidelines, new name, new policy) putting together a committee to assist with  running the meetings, helping with events , new members etc. ABSOLUTELY NO criminal activity!

Introducing a new change to rule 26- please see attached link 


Events Team- looking for some highly active, enthusiastic people to join our events team. Will require actively seeking ideas from civilians/members, assisting to arrange and co host events throughout the year. Please see Izzy to register your interest. (must be whitelisted to be eligible) 

Recruitment team - looking for some active whitelisted mature members to join our recruitment team that are able to assist with our review process and interviews. Please see Izzy to register your interest. 

Next  town meeting pre meeting agenda list released 3 days prior to meeting ( a max of 5-10 topics per meeting to ensure we stick to the max 1hr limit) merging town meeting into game once hall is in and running. 

Town meeting scheduled to be held fortnightly



-Change for chop shop to make it more player based

-Needing to collect items to be able to rob

-Timer on silent alarms (the ability to freeze them during a police priority)

-Expanding the /IDS range

-RACV- cheaper kits when racv or true blue arent on duty

-Taxi invoicing guide in their F6 menu to prevent people charging excessive amounts

-More city focused role play  to assist new players 

-A knock out script 

-Additional menu for hands to sign 

-Having a limit to not charge new players for the first 30 days 

-Duress button for willson’s security 

-Illegal car parts and upgrades

-Alpha doctor to reduce price when 3 or more ambos are online

-Radio for truckers

-Walkie talkies in game 

-Cool down on robberies

-Bring back police priority on screen 

-Drag option for players/ambos to use when another player is down

-Up the amount of damage sustained before player limps


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