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At the moment bluebird has three (as far as I am aware) registered organisations, all of these are Bike Clubs (gangs). Consequently, their have been other organisations, not bike clubs, that have applied for registration, and have had the applications, in some cases months. Is it the policy of Bluebird to have only Bike Gangs on the server? 

Moreover, is three registered organisations the limit for the server? In that case  clearly the server is overstocked with only one type of registered organisation.

Consequently, some of those whom have applied for registration have been found in violation of server rules pertaining to rule 26, but not all. Players whom befriend each other and group together doesn't necessitate breaking rule 26, the rule can only be considered infringed if the said group is acting in the way they have described their organisation to be run.

In conclusion, Bluebird for the moment has limited the scope of role-play pertaining to organisations to one type (Bike Gangs).  If the system can deliver prompt decisions on organisation applicants, or at least some further positive communications with perspective applicants they may find a widely enhanced and surprising area of role-play on the server. 

Just be mindful the people on the server, applying for organisations/playing/supporting/buying from the store, are your customers, and so should be treated as such, in my opinion this ideology is lost on most responsible administering the server in whatever capacity. 

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Hi Justin,

we has had to limit gangs and orgs because they were beginning to take over very quickly and making our community more a cops and robbers server which was not what we wanted to have here. We will continue to have this limit in place and encourgage those wanting to be in a gang to join one of our already established, at this time we have 3 bike gangs, 3 orgs, and 2 families. these will have to be found out in game and wintin role play. that being said we do not turn away applications being sent to us and are more inclined to accept and application that is completely different from what we already have here.

A lot of members tend to ignore our "please apply first" rule and will run around tearing up the place shooting everyone before they have been approved, and we tend to get a lot of complaints about their group or these particular people before they have even began, which is more the reason they are declined and asked to spend more time on the server before they reapply.

we are well aware of our player base and we are always inundated with long lists of what people need or require for their group which tends to be a huge amount and our development team arent willing to put the extensive time and effort into these UNTIL they have been established for a period of time without complaints.

many of these gangs tend to focus all of their time and rp on hunting cops with no real reason to do so other than they are are a gang so they hate cops or back to back bank robberies that always go the same way..... this makes for pretty poor and
repetitive role play and police will tend to ignore it and not want to partake in it as do our community.


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