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Food Trucks

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Personally I would love to clock in for my job as a chef in a food truck, i wouldn't have to rely on other people to do my job other than customers. If you wanted to integrate other mods together you could tie it to the butcher business and either involve the live chicken to packaged chicken process or act as a dropoff point for people doing the chicken run themselves rather than the burger shot.

You could setup in a carpark or someone close to the action but out of the way enough not to overload highpop areas, but still draw in customers (after all everyone needs to eat in this game) and offer a little community atmosphere you dont get from going to a convenience store and buying burgers from the NPC. It would give people another place to hang around and even friendly rivalries between businesses. 

I have seen taco truck and bbq esx files existing, im not a developer but I do sysadmin for a living and would be willing to help where I can.


My ideal scenario would be I start up a business of my own with a generic truck, i collect chickens form up north then drive back down to somewhere busy but not too busy like near the garbage yard. I setup shop selling smoked chicken and customers come by and purchase for 20 bucks. There is a benefit for them buying this food, maybe it gives them a stat boost like a dull version of cocaine. It provides a new roleplay avenue for people outside, chatting while running a business with different types of visitors.

If you really wanted to expand on it you could have authorised circles that allow you to deploy your truck limited to 5 around the city so people fight for the best position in the city, would also stop trucks from turning up everywhere on sidewalks blocking RP. You could fight other truck owners for a good position. Cops could swing by and check permits for the week. If i deploy enough maybe I earn the right to upload my own truck texture and I can start Gatos Smokehouse and build a loyal customer base.


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