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Personal damage over time

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I'm not sure if this is possible but my suggestion is to trial damage over time for citizens similar to how a vehicle that is damaged to 400-500hp takes damage constantly until it is disabled.

For example: Player 1 is punched a couple of times and falls over, takes damage to legs and head and hp is lowered to <50% this damage then slowly decreases perhaps at a rate of 1% per 10-20seconds until 0 and blackout. This could be slowed by the use of bandages by police or whoever to allow for RP to finish or citizen to visit hospital.


  •  Citizens are forced to treat injuries.
  •  It could encourage more role play options to involve Ambos or passers by. Not every role play with an Ambo has to require a revive.
  •  Encourages players to take more care of there health to avoid significant medical fees.


  •  More calls to undermanned Ambos



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