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  1. I'm not sure if this is possible but my suggestion is to trial damage over time for citizens similar to how a vehicle that is damaged to 400-500hp takes damage constantly until it is disabled. For example: Player 1 is punched a couple of times and falls over, takes damage to legs and head and hp is lowered to <50% this damage then slowly decreases perhaps at a rate of 1% per 10-20seconds until 0 and blackout. This could be slowed by the use of bandages by police or whoever to allow for RP to finish or citizen to visit hospital. Pros: Citizens are forced to treat injuries.
  2. Just a suggestion about increasing the price of ammo as well as reducing the amount of ammo received per transaction. If Ammo prices are increased and ammo stock are lower people can still have guns to run around with but they might take more consideration into where and when they use it. This could potentially reduce the amount of unprovoked attacks as well as the daily pre tsunami free for all shootouts as ammo would have to be replenished at significant cost.
  3. My apologies if this should be in Business idea's section, I didn't have a business plan so posted it here. My suggestion is an Auction House as an alternative to used car dealerships, this could potentially be used for other in game items such as weapons and accessories. An auction house would be an opportunity for people to pickup a bargain or make a profit after modifying base vehicles, picking up a bargain in game and attempting to flip it at auction for a profit whilst taking on the risk of making a loss. Could also be used to purge the used car dealerships periodically o
  4. Could be a lot of fun, open to interpretation but following along from the TV shows with plenty of entrants, plenty of clues, plenty of hiding spots around the city. Could do it as individuals or as duo's/teams, even corporate could be fun getting different companies and org's competing against each other.
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