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Town Meeting 010


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Date: 06/03/20

Time: 7:00pm aedt

Close: 8:00pm aedt

Attendance: 93

Next meeting: 19/03/20 aedt

Housekeeping: Rule Refresher

Fear Rp- How does it play in hand with our new life rule? what does it actually mean apart from fearing for you life, what kind of impact can it have on a role play when people don't fear rp

Body cam usage-  civilians- policy overview See Policy Here

Gun Crime- cutting back the shoot to kill role plays, how to seek revenge without using guns all the time, allow the chance for reaction and extension.

Police Traffic zones- Respecting the role play in the area, not interfering with the role play. What happens if you drive through. How this can ruin it for all.

FailRp- What happens when you add failrp to your role play? How can ruin and affect any role play? How can we change the need to win role play?

Changes to traffic lights- Traffic lights will now be treated as a stop sign, meaning you can pull up...stop (minimum 5 seconds) and then continue on your way without facing any charges for running a red light.

What’s new:

Comedy club- Open for business and event hire, please see jade to book

Paleto Bay- Also known as Bendigo now has its own hospital

Supporter stores- a lot of questions have come to us about new icons on the map these are for those that supporter stores from some of our staff


Job opportunities- There are a few departments that are currently inactive and their managers aren’t meeting policy expectations to keep their company running. Because of this the government is looking into a resolution for this by enforcing the same policy guidelines across the board for every department.  For this will be a minimum of 5 hours per week requirement that every staff member must meet. Each department must provide a business plan and on duty logs to Izzy or Jade for review. Many of these roles are Whitelisted only roles to ensure staff follow all community guidelines to avoid people exploiting their role. Communication will be given before change of leadership. Jade can provide each department with a clock on clock off spreadsheet document.

Introducing the updates for Business owners and Organisations- Strick new guidelines for business in their operation. Managers will be inforced to be seen working with their staff 3 different days of the week for at least 2 hour each meaning 6 hours total. Managers will have to provide proof in a clock in sheet that their staff are actively doing the job (jade happy to help with creating a sheet).

New guidelines and policies for criminal organisations and MCs. behaviours, attitudes, gun, And member limits

All requests must go through the orgs discord and what is stated in there is final. Complaints or bugging admins or devs with DMs will have you facing removal.

Recruitment Team Changes-

Stricter guidelines are now in place before we have someone join our team to avoid tag collectors. We now are aiming for a 7 day turn over for your application (this will exclude those that have already applied, please know we are working hard to get these finished and an email will be sent to you letting you know if you have been approved or declined. Please refrain from Messaging staff or making tickets regarding your application. Whitelist removal warning

Re introducing the Coordination Team- The coordination team will assist those struggling to create role plays or those that seem to be breaking community guidelines. The team aims to prevent new members being excluded from the server and want to hopefully assist members in being more creative. Those wanting to be able to be apart of the team will need to be whitelisted and have a clear role play history.

Introducing a new impound policy- The City will now see more player owned vehicles left in the middle of the road being impounded for 24hrs with an additional fee to release. We encourage people to seek assistance from a tow truck or ask a friend to help you with buying a repair kit. Impound periods will vary depending on your prior impound history.

Thinking outside of the box: Strengthening your role play

    The object of the game- Our city is NOT about winning!

 We want people to stop coming in with the need to win attitude, this is what seems to be the focus point of rps of late and we need to change this view.

The first step is we want people to step into a role play to create their story within our city with a few basic things in mind,

  1.     How did I find this city?
  2.     What will my goals be here?
  3.     What kind of lifestyle do I want to engage in?

The kind of lifestyle that you begin in the city can have quite an impact on many things like a job, if you start off as a criminal but change and want to become a police officer, Ambo or Firey it will be a lot harder due to your criminal history.  These should be the base of who you are within the city.

How to keep your role play flowing and what you can do if something goes wrong?-

if a role play does not work out how you have planned or pictured we encourage you to finish the role play and then contact the members on the discord to have a respectful chat

  1.     What went wrong?
  2.     What could you change for next time?
  3.     What you didn't understand or were confused about?
  4.     If you have attempted this and can’t seem to come to a resolution please contact a government official to assist.

Extending from how we can keep our role play flowing-

resolving issues that arise in role play within your own role play for example when someone clips you with their vehicle this is classed a hit and run, you will need to message, phone or visit the local police station to hand over as much information as you can.

Why do we encourage this?- instead of jumping into report to admins we ask you to stop assuming its failr rp for the following reasons

Maybe this person is intoxicated and is actually trying to create this within their role play, Big mode and onesync can sometimes cause different vision for everyone.

Other members role play stories- your part within their story

Allowing others to include you within their rp

Don't shut down someone that is trying to create their story, we encourage you to engage and partake


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