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Store robberies rework

Jack Dagger

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Today, I went out and about, decided to rob a few stores, to compare if robbing stores is even worth the time in jail, fines, and VICPOL's time and resources.

I robbed store safes and clerks consistently for an hour+, with Cop levels on medium. Some stores, police showed up, other stores they didn't. For the night I used the clerk behind the counter as my hostage. After getting into pursuits, getting away from the cops, I made a total of $20,000 dirty, from just stores. 
Stores need a higher payout, with the communities exchange rate, robbing a store for $1,000 - $3,000 is not enough. Not asking for a crazy amount. But a simple $7,000 to $15,000 would be alot better.

Robbing a store, waiting for the timer, while multiple GD, HWP & CIRT units are on scene, ready to breach the building and get into the pursruit, just for $3000 dirty? And what if you get caught? You're looking at fines costing you between $5,000 - $15,000 in total, plus your minimum 40 weeks in MRC, then the possibility of your vehicle getting impounded, and the impound fee.

I can go out, and sell drugs to locals, making $900, dirty per local / sale. Thats no hostages, no VICPOL negotiating, no VICPOL breaching an empty building. Of course VICPOL get a ping, but once they see a ping for a sale thats too far away, by the time they arrive on scene, the drug dealer is no where to be seen. I can literally go out, and sell drugs consistently for an hour+ and make over $100,000 dirty and get away with it all. To add on to that, I can go chop a car up at North chop shop and make a total of $1000, to $4000 dirty. Even just chopping a car at the parts chop shop, then selling the parts to Stanly, I make more from that than a store robbery.

Lately I've been enjoying getting into pursuits, I like to make them fair for the officers on duty, and try my best to match what they can, and can't do. But getting away from a pursuit with just $3000 dirty, just doesn't seem rewarding at all.

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