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Town Meeting Notes 009


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Date: 23/01/2020 

Time: 8:00pm 


Attendance: 49

Next meeting: 06/02/2020 



Role playing injury

Explaining what dying in a rp means

Garbage job- realistic driving, what to do when your vehicle is broken

Age acceptance- great role play can come from any age, let's drop the judgement 

Assumption of a role play- lets erase the in it to win it attitude 

What is OOC chat used for- admin support not general chat

Proper use of /fixmepls- to assist with glitches not to be used as a teleporter

Whats new-

Gold stars and  red frog rewards, these can be traded in for items in game (like flybuys)

Supporter stores- locations will not be announced 

Whitelisting perks will be announced next week

New merch- Fire appeal support

In game currency can now be purchased through our forums, please ensure you have linked your accounts


BlueBird’s Got Talent coming this Saturday

City  Development- 

Some features in game may not work- devs are aware and are currently working hard to fix the issue. Please stop spamming channels asking for an ETA

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