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Town Meeting Notes 008


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BlueBird Town Meeting 008

Date: 19/12/19 AEST

Time: 7:30pm AEST

Close::  pm AEST

Attendance: 44

Next meeting: 02/12/19 AEST

Recruitment- New team new process, although this can prolong the whitelisting process we want to ensure those that do become trusted playhers know the rules and how to implement them with in their role play


Role play classes- starting up end of school holidays, these will be broken down into different departments and will cover how to begin, how to build and how to think outside of the box when planning role plays


New year happenings- stay tuned for some big changes for 2020, an announcement will be made 1st week of janruary


Events- the events team are doing awesome offering a wide range of events to cover all interests, if you would like to be apart of this or have an event you would like to plan please see one of the events team for more details on how to plan your event.


Centrelink services- this server is for assistance on how to get started within the city, any issues you may come across, please do NOT use general chat for issues, use centrelink support services! keep it on topic and avoid creating drama


Emergency services numbers for role play- a new rule is now in place that there MUST be 4 or more of each department on to engage in mass rps


School holiday disciplinary action- cracking down on failrp, those here not to role play but to troll, abuse of community assistance features like fixmepls will now be followed up with a tempory 24hr exclusion


New life rule- what does this mean? it means that if you are knocked unconcious during a rp and there are no ambos on you can NOT come back to seek revenge, you are out of the rp and need to move on as if it never existed. IF you are picked up by ambos you CAN decide how you interact but you MUST continue your rp as per your injuries. PLAY OUT YOUR INJURY!! for example if you are shot in your upper body you can NOT rp that youve kicked your toe.


How to resolve fail rp- first step is we want you to stay in character and try to adjust it! for example if someone hits you (for no reason) thats assalt, phone the police and report it, if someone hits your car (for no reason) thats a hit and run phone the police and report it.


Announcing the lotto- congratulations to our winner


Police ceremony- this is a formal event- NO GUNS, NO TROLLING! please keep this a friendly event


New items- New cars are here!!! we also have some new clothing and beards for all


New merch- check out our new Merch- https://streamlabs.com/bluebirdrp/merch

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