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Town Meeting 007


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BlueBird Town Meeting 007


Date: 21/11/19

Time: 7:30PM

Close: 8:30PM

Attendance: 67

Next meeting: 05/12/19


Community support- Introducing our new Centrelink Support services team to assist in directing new players to our discord to help new players get started on our server (please see  Quinn Bella [AngelsDeath] if you have any questions) 


Business’s- closure of business applications, the government will be working on the current scripts in the city already and will announce new businesses after they are implemented- this includes all the features and to cut down on devs being overwhelmed with requests in DMs
We have convenience stores that are set to launch soon. Dev’s will no longer be taking personal business requests.

Role play assistance classes -  beginning next month- stay tuned for the announcements and dates- we will need to limit these classes so bookings are essential


Building role play for our other departments-  Ambulance and CFA need some more role plays, think about creating some basic small rps for them to interact with outside their usual responses to shoots and car accidents


School holidays- what we can do as a community to prepare- assisting the mass amount of new players we will visit during the holiday period. This can be as simple as showing defaults where the clothing store is, how to apply for a drivers license, where to find centrelink, recommending our centrelink support services #slackchat


Using the forums- what's changing from the discord, suggestions for server  and vehicle will now only be taken from forums. 


Addressing issues- what you can do as a community, how to action your complaints, in game /reports process. OOC chat is not for general banter or complaint, this must be done via the discord. 


Streaming- policy reminder, body cam policy

Streaming Policy- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Oh7E3sBQ3Q3ATTXGho8Kzli8-CCFssW_1PUrYQ32_6M/edit?usp=sharing


Social media- cyber security outside of our server- being safe- our responsibilities as a community 


Meet our new Moderators- please be patient as they learn our process


Development Applications are open- if you meet the criteria listed within the ad please include some samples of your own work and extended details on your knowledge base


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