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Town Meeting Notes 006


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BlueBird Town Meeting 006


Date: 07/11/19 AEST

Time: 7:30 pm AEDT

Close: 8:55 pm AEDT

Attendance: 53

Next meeting: 21/11/19


Community support- putting together a group to help new players, run town meetings, arrange community events- please DM izzy if interested.


Business’s- government ownership, introducing ownership/lease policy

With very few exceptions we are going to be aiming to have a few businesses in each sector of industry. I.e Grease monkey garage and Elite Autosports, or the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria and Tru Blue towing. This will also be expanded to our bars and clubs, security companies and any other sector of business we open. Competition drives innovation after all.


On this note we will no longer be doing the same kind of business applications, rather the server will have a number of businesses licenses open at any one time in an industry sector. We will announce a closed auction for each license and accept applications to join each auction, these applications will only be considered if you are currently a white listed civilian.


With this, there have been some change to how players can run businesses. From this point on, all businesses are no longer owned by any players, merely you are appointed a franchisee for the business and run the daily operations of the business, hiring, keeping stock up ect ect.


If a franchisee does anything to compromise the integrity of the franchise they will have their license revoked and the business will go back to auction.

If a franchisee is not seen on the premises of their business and working with their employees while it is open for 3 days in a row then their license will be revoked.

If a business fails to be open for 48 hours, or fails to be open for business for an average of 28 hours a week. Then the license will be revoked.

If a business fails to make a license payment then the license will be revoked. (Under review his may become a tax instead depending on functionality)

All business owners have been refunded the money they paid to own the business and have been charged their initial licensing fee, (incidentally this is the exact same amount for both transactions).


Disciplinary action- document refresher. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M8_KTPChJB4UEZqdYmcsp9S-hPJHkhfr6CCMhlr9Zf4/edit?usp=sharing 


Streaming policy- stream sniping, meta gaming reminding of strict guidelines. Not streaming when in discord chats!- Refer to Rule 18 (Server rules) 18) Player Streams: Please do not harass live streamers or utilize their stream to exasperate or stalk them, don't seek them out and steer clear unless your roleplay happens to engage in theirs. This is classed as metagaming and is Fail RP.


Introducing new hoon laws- hoon law poll strict or guide-




Fear RP- reminder, understanding what is fear RP and how is it an important part of your role play. Please refer to Server Rule #16

16) Value Life/FearRP: Please consider value of Life/FearRP:  We ask that all characters value their life as if it was their own and role play their injuries. Fear roleplay is the concept that your character is afraid to die. - Think "If I had a gun drawn on me in real life I would comply until I had a chance to escape" Also think "Would I run in front of that car because they clipped mine?  Would I run in front of the police during a shooting?”


Role play classes- what do you want to see, classes will begin monthly ( Run by Scar)


Forums- moving over server and car suggestions and away from the discord all together to improve communication between devs and members and to ensure messages won’t be lost in the channels.



Patreon changes- saying bye to golden feathers, implementing special benefits for whitelisted players- more to be announced. Changes to how you can support the server and its development. Introducing multi support allowing you to choose more than one affliet to support. - Any further information please see ScarAus




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