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February News Update

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Hello everyone!

It is the first of a new month and that means it is time for some BlueBird news!



Charitable cause!

The first and most important thing is giving you all a wrap up on the money raised for RedCross. We would like to thank everyone involved with donating to the stream and purchasing the merch.


During the BlueBirdRadio streams, we were able to raise $3,065.43

The RedCross x BlueBird merch was able to raise $17.75

Bringing our total to $3,083.18 raised in the month of January!


This money will be donated over the weekend and head off to help those who need it most in Australia at this time.



Next news – Merch!

This month marks the start of our new, more general population style merch. We are looking to get clothing and designs out that feel a bit more natural to wear rather than slapping logos on random clothing items.


The merch is currently running through our StreamLabs store until we gauge interest in the project, we'll be looking to move towards a more local solution when we find one that is suitable.



Next news – Paying it forward!

In the coming week we will be releasing information on how you can apply to become a BlueBird affiliate. We have had applications for this closed for some time while we've been coming up with a better way to run the program and we've finally found one. Thank you for your patience while we've been working on this. We look forward to rewarding even more of our wonderful content creators in the coming weeks/months/years.

If you've been living under a rock, the affiliate program allows you to sub to one of our content creators via the forums and receive the exact same perks as if you'd subbed straight to BlueBird through the forums, with the added benefit of supporting that content creator. If you'd like to check out who is currently affiliated, visit our forums under either our affiliates page or staff page.





Next news – Projects, project and more projects!

We're working on more than just FiveM!

There are currently 5 projects happening behind the scenes ranging from fully secretive to ones you already know about.



Project 1 - BlueBird Rivals

Rivals is our esports organisation who will be doing regular esports events starting in the coming weeks. The primary focus will be Rocket League events to start with, with other esports being added as time goes on. If you want to get involved ,you can join the BlueBird Rivals discord here:



Project 2 - RedM

We are working on a RedM server which will allow for a Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplay server. This will be a slow process as there are currently not a lot of scripts available and we want it to be a good experience when we officially launch it. The server is up and running 24/7 already so people can come and alpha test with us, so feel free to jump in:




Project 3 – Minecraft!

We are working on a Minecraft server. Some of you may have noticed a post put out the other day asking for anyone interesting in helping us to build a Minecraft server. We had a lot of people come forward and we have almost set up all the basics for it. Over the course of Feb we will do additional testing, refining plugins and gamemodes and we’ll be doing out best to find ways to reward our forum supporters! Keep an eye out for Alpha testing dates.


Project 4 – Secret Project #1

We want to make everyone’s lives as easy as possible, so we are working on something that will allow new players, old players and just the entire community to be able to get involved in everything we do with the use of one central place. We will give more details over the month as aspects of the project are refined.


Project 5 – Secret Project #2

As I’ve said before, we want to expand into other areas, we are working on something for FiveM that we think people are going to really like. There have been very obvious preferences that people have had since we started BlueBird regarding how they like to play in FiveM and we think we’ve come up with a solution that should allow people an outlet for certain preferences. This project will also be announced once additional testing has been completed. I want to stress that this project will in no way effect the main FiveM server that we all love to play on. It will be something separate, meaning you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects of the changes coming into play to mess up what we already have.


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