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Gun Power Residue

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We all know that if you shoot, some of the gunpower from the gun will end up on your hands. Unfortunately for criminals cops carry around swabs that can detect this. Bring in a pretty underground Organisation myself, we like to leave no track of anything. This is something that this item could help achieve.

I would really love to see an item that can be obtained, that can get rid of this. Eg. Something like a hand wash that is one time use and that can get rid of the residue. This item could be brought into RP by letting orgs be able to craft and resell. Crews and other individuals will then be able to engage in RP with the orgs and cops to be able obtain and to use this item. The RP on the cops side can be building up enough evidence to be able to arrest someone even if they aren't GSR positive. They can examine the scene, get bullet casings with positive evidence then go in for the arrest. 

I would really love to see this implemented into BBRP.

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