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Count-Down: 6️⃣  DAYS TO GO

The 24+ hour charity event will be taking place on 23/10/2021 starting on Friday Midnight AEDT time until Sunday tsunami unless I die within the 24 hours.

Stream Time in Different Timezones:
AEDT (Australia Eastern Daylight Savings) - 12 AM Friday to 7 AM Sunday
AWST (Western Australia) - 9 PM Friday to 4 AM Sunday
BST (United Kingdom) - 2 PM Friday to 9 PM Saturday
EDT (United States) - 9 AM Friday to 4 PM Saturday
Note: I will probably nap on stream at some point..

I would love to thank the amazing ScarAus for supporting this event and I am dedicating the entire stream to BlueBirdRP. I will be streaming GTA Roleplay for majority and maybe some Gartic Phone or Marbles on stream during server restarts. The vibe of the whole CITY has been incredible, from the PINK police cars, to pink uniforms, to free food events, to the big ride the other day and the list goes on. You guys are all incredible people and I have much love and appreciation for raising awareness.  Like I said before as a person diagnosed with this cancer myself, I have a special warmth in my heart for you all 🎀 ❤️ 

$1000 - I will eat 2x Carolina Reaper Gummies 
$2000 - I will eat a whole pack of WORLD'S HOTTEST Chips
$3000 - I will Dye my Hair Purple or Pink (Tash Dane style)
$4000 - I will get a Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoo
$5000 - I will Giveaway 5x Game Keys on Stream
$6000 - I will do Egg Roulette with your fav Twitch Moderator The PUBBLES
$7000 - I will Giveaway 4x $25 Steam Gift Card Vouchers
$8000 - I will Giveaway RIG Headsets thanks to Nacom
$9000 - I will let PUBBLES do my makeup from scratch on stream
$10,000 - I will do 123 KM walk IRL stream Cape-to-Cape

Every Donation- Name on Pink Helium Balloons
Every $25- Beanboozled
Every $50- World's Most SOUR Lolly
Every $100- Shoey... yes I WILL FKN do a Shoey... 

Toward's 2nd half of the Stream Tash Dane is taking Adonis Vidal on a date you've never seen before. You don't want to miss this, there is many ways the RP can go wrong or right.. I'll let the RP take wheel. Thank you to everyone who are helping me make this content possible.

I am so EXCITED! Get READY to fucking SEND IT.


Love LittleFirestone (aka. Tash Dane)

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