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Money dumps


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for some, having money in city is an issue

me personally, ill hit 22milion by the end of the week with that number just going up, ive been in city for just over 18 months and i have everything i could ever want. with that said guns are the only thing left to purchase but as someone that's staying clean on the character id rather have new items to purchase and trade. 
Im not the richest person in the city but IK a lot of people are like me and got nothing else to do with the money and it keeps going up 

Personally id like to see 

  1. Whitelisted dealership
  2. Vehicles that come out and stay rare but for an expensive amount
  3. option to own businesses like Cuppa joe where we just stock it up
    The ability to purchase MLOs to be added in city for your business 


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Option 3 would be by submitting a business application though wouldn't it?

I do like the idea of a whitelisted dealership. Make some cars a bit rarer.

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Whitelist dealership would be a fantastic idea, but the vehicles may have to be made so they can NOT be sold and/or only be quick sold to the dealership to ensure that they are not turned into another way of generating profit such as the current property market.

If Auctions ever become a thing, the Government could put up 'rare' and extremely low 'limited vehicles' (barn find, police seizure, special import) into these auctions with the intent of them being one time offer to the highest bidder. Allowing theoretically large scale bidding wars to occur, money to be removed from the economy but the end user also feeling like they have obtained something for their money.

This could also be combat by offering more variety of things for people to do in city, Specifically things that cost money but don't intrinsically 'give' you something. Think experiences and/or short term items. Melbourne Adventures is a great example of this as players are exchanging money for services, rather than physical goods.
Obviously this is dependent on the demand and usage of such items and/or services and is by no means a simple or overnight fix, but could definitely be a viable route to removing and/or relocating money from the economy while still allowing people to see their funds as being put towards something.

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