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Melbourne Night Kids - Organisation Application

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Melbourne Night Kids are a racing team/division with the purpose of taking the best drivers in the Victorian area and travelling to challenge other teams in various prefectures.

While they vocalize the purpose of the Night Kids is to establish a legend, it is apparent that the primary reason for it is to develop the skills of its drivers to a new and extraordinary level.




The Night Kids are a fairly well known car team in the city of Melbourne. Their passion for all things related to motors has seen them bring life back to the world of motorsport in Melbourne. One thing that sets them aside from everyone else is the ability to unite people from all walks of life in the city together in one place to enjoy motorsport in its purest form. After all that was how the Night Kids became Night Kids. One example of this is their current drift event they are hosting ‘Project D’ where they have had over 90+ participants and at least 50 of those are actually competing. The Night Kids like to get their voices heard not through their weapons/aggressive behavior. We let the wheels do the talking. And as long as the Night Kids are behind the wheel people should stop to witness the talent.





What have we brought to the city?

  • The motorsport scene is coming back to life with us at the forefront
  • Unique & professional events
  • Enthusiasm and motivation towards the growth of the car scene and city in general
  • A safe place to hangout eg. Used gold lot being fairly safe in comparison to other hangout areas. (we pioneered this area)
  • Plenty of unique events and opportunities for the civilians of Melbourne

What are we planning on bringing?

  • More race leagues/divisions to the Night Kids (eg. running and hosting multiple divisions of motorsport. rally, f1 ect.)
  • Underground street racing scene (deals in dirty cash only and using slack chat for this)
  • A non Criminal organization (one that focuses purely on the growth and development of the car scene)
  • The selling and manufacturing of Nos+, providing import race spec vehicles, drift handling on cars (or any other thing you recommend)




Proposed Locations



Location 1

Fort Zancudo

This was one of our original locations to build in. Being so close and having heaps of area to drift and drag this proves to be one of the perfect spots for our org hangout as we can test out import cars on different tracks throughout Zancudo. Whilst there are already garages here we are willing to outsource a map maker to create a full hangout area with lockable gate, etc.





Location 2 

GTA V MLO Interior Drift Zone interior

With the new update we have seen a perfect hangout that would sum up the night kids and the future we wish to lead with the car scene. Securing this place will also help us take it to the next level. The idea is this place will be open pretty much 24/7 

The goal with this location would be to host all types of events from drift meets, car meets, formula drift events, street racing, drag events, fun runs, test drives, the list goes on and on. To serve as a safe hub for car enthusiasts to come and meet other like minded civilians in the city, and even create teams themselves or gather connections throughout the city while hanging around and meeting new people.

The interior would provide a place for car meets & businesses to park up and advertise as well as put up shop and sell their goods, and a built in tattoo and clothes shop that can either be used as more civilian owned shops or just local clothes and tattoo shops. The course itself has a painted course throughout the area which can be used for multiple ‘Project D’ tracks alone. Not including the amount of tracks people can create just from thought with this area. For drift or regular street/drag meets.

The amount of potential that could come from this place in terms of RP is immense and having it at the docks or near the airport is a prime location to bring people away from the center of the city and spread out the population as well.


Meet The Team 

Coachdom.PNG.png.12ce0dd6e7ff18a48fb1092310bd1ca0.pngCoach - Founder, Crew Chief, Owner

Coach moved to Australia to get a fresh start and discovered the underground car scene, touges, highway runs, drifting and rally. He began to illegally race and take up odd side jobs such as djing, producing, directing and even writing his own features as a means to make money and survive. Coach would camp the lot for rare cars and was able to get his hands on a R32, Supra and S14. During his Camping endeavors, he also made many connections within the City. While travelling Australia he realized his new found dream for racing, and moved to Melbourne to create his own team that would travel and compete against other teams within Melbourne. This is where the Melbourne Night Kids began.

Dom - Ceo, Owner

Growing up Dom has always had a love for cars passed down by his dad. He moved to Melbourne in search of a new start when his dad passed. He met the Night Kids drifting around the observatory. This was where he got picked up by Coach. With Dom's passion and his incomparable skill of drifting he quickly grew through the ranks. Now Co-Owner of the Night Kids. When he isn’t making the next best thing for the Night Kids. Dom can be found creating unheard of drift lines throughout the city, Striking business deals, Getting his hands dirty with Coach in the workshop or tandeming with some of the Night Kids in his off time of working in GMG.



Kiwi - Treasurer/Engineer

Wiremu Tamihana (Aka Kiwi) has had a long history in the city of Melbourne. It all started way back when Kiwi was Vice President for the Disciples. Alongside him was Johnny Smith. ‘The Deadly Duo’ they were called. These two were a force to be reckoned with. And with a large following he was capable of making things happen by the snap of his fingers. Fast forward and Kiwi ended up having to leave the disciples as it was too dangerous for him. Having to always be dodging the police due to tax evasion. Some people didn’t like this so he had to move out of Melbourne. Kiwi has moved back into the city after getting his life back into check but doesn’t endeavor to go down the same route as before. This time he is looking for a cleaner record. One that his pairs look up to for all the right reasons. Kiwi is still well known through the city so his connections helped him to get set up in the city pretty quick. He met Coach at the lot and from there his involvement in the Night Kids grew.





Frankie - Race Strategist

Frankie flew into Melbourne with nothing to his name, other than having enough money to buy essential items. Frankie’s first ever job in Melbourne was as a mechanic for RACV. He worked on all types of high end cars along with undesirable cars. It was around this time when Frankie was handed down the shell of a Nissan S14. It was rusted, the paint was terrible, and had to be completely rebuilt. Frankie took time off from his job to spend time building the S14 back to its glory days. After spending months rebuilding the car, it was then where his passion for drifting began. It was a great change from the other average drift cars he had driven before and found a new love for it. He would spend hours everyday practicing his drifts at 31 Docks. You can still find him most of the time at 31 Docks practicing his drifts as it is his favorite drift track along with trying out other tracks around the city. Being a part of the Melbourne Night Kids really accelerated his involvement in the drifting and racing scene and he's glad to be a part of it.







Mo - Head Mechanic

Muhammad started out trying to make money through illegal activities, after he was hired at TBT his love for cars showed and he set out to find others in the city with this similar interest. During this time he would run into Coach at the lot and during their endeavors eventually became an on head mechanic for the Night Kids. You can find Mo at TBT working on the ins and outs of cars or at any of the Night Kids drift spots either fixing a fellow driver's car or sending his own sideways.









Terry - Mechanic

Terry was a young lad who lived on a family owned farm and occasionally would work on the farm vehicles but grew tired of that life and moved to the city to try and make something of himself. When he arrived he was introduced to Jimmy and was able to learn the criminal way of life very quickly, after about a month of being in a street crew he found that that wasn't the life he wanted that's when he met the Night Kids who introduced him to cars and racing scene, he would then go on to join the Night Kids as a mechanic.








Ben - Mechanic

Ben grew up in a small town in NSW. There wasn’t much to do other than head down to the drag strip with the rest of the community. When he was 15, he finished his first 10 second drag build. When he was 18 he decided he needed to move on to bigger and better things. So he dragged his way to Melbourne and set up a drag scene there. That's when he met Coach and the Night Kids. This changed his life. They saw he had the skills to drag and race but mostly they loved the way he knew my way around a motor so that's how Ben became a Night Kid






Kye - Driver Captain

Kye (AKA Ghost) Flew into Melbourne with only a bag full of clothes and a key to an old garage that his dad used to own. Kye was unsure what he would find in this garage as he got handed the key right before his dad got taken by the feds. Kye never found out why but assumed it had something to do with what was in the garage. When he landed in Melbourne that was the first thing he did. When he opened up that garage he saw a run down 180sx. It had no rear bumper, bullet holes, and a few red stains that looked like blood. He also saw a cardboard box filled with what looked like trophies and newspaper articles about all the fame his dad used to have in the underground world of drifting. Kye realized this was his life now. Following in his dad's footsteps but doing it the right way. No guns, drugs. Kye can be seen pretty much anywhere in the city primarily in tandem with Dom or some close friends of the Night Kids. If your car can go sideways. You best believe Kye will be behind you putting tire marks on your door.






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Really good group of guys and have run greats events for the city already. Professionally run crew and giving the city some new fun experiences. 

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19 hours ago, Flash Cruze said:

Really good group of guys and have run greats events for the city already. Professionally run crew and giving the city some new fun experiences. 

Legend man! Thanks heaps

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4 hours ago, Benny Hadid said:

Bringing that F&F vibe to the city.. I love it and keep up the good work lads. Excited to see whats next!

Thanks Benny! Watch this space 😎

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1 hour ago, Scuba Steve said:

would love to see these guys take over the racing/event scene !

Much love bro!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Absolutely lovely guys who not only make a great scene for car enthusiasts, but also make a wholesome and welcoming enviornment for people who just like to go vroom! Patient teachers and great event organisers. They are also providing a great servicer with Melbourne Dreams by catering their car packages to our clients. Would love to see them grow!

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31 minutes ago, LockDownFD said:

Absolutely lovely guys who not only make a great scene for car enthusiasts, but also make a wholesome and welcoming enviornment for people who just like to go vroom! Patient teachers and great event organisers. They are also providing a great servicer with Melbourne Dreams by catering their car packages to our clients. Would love to see them grow!

You legend! Appreciate it man! Been a pleasure working with you guys too! Not to mention love to see your drifting coming along heaps bro! 

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