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Rosetta Mafia - Application

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The Rosettas Mafia formed rather recently under the Matron of the Family, Bella Rosetta, with one goal in mind: Criminal economy, not criminal violence. Over the months, they have orchestrated multiple large deals and made quite a reputation for themselves while staying discreet and unknown. Weapons, to this Family, are a means to an end, prioritizing the buying and distribution of arms over using said weapons themselves. This so far has proven rather successful, with their group of seven bringing in over $6,000,000 over the past couple weeks alone.

The rules are simple but strict: Obey your hierarchy and avoid any and ALL confrontations with police to prevent any suspicion towards the Family. Fail to follow and be met with harsh consequences.


At the current capacity of the Family, with limited numbers and access compared to the Organizations already in Melbourne, there is a surprisingly large collection of business they conduct:

- Purchasing and Redistribution of Weaponry

- Underground Gambling (In the works)

- Money Laundering

- Protection Detail

- Drug Manufacturing and Selling

- Paid work for newcomers in the city in the form of our Associate Program*

* The Rosetta Associate Program is designed to assist new civilians in the city who struggle to plant their criminal roots. This program gives them the opportunity to safely start their journey in the city without the usual hardships that come with inexperience in a new city. It also allows our Family the chance to carefully watch and mentor the new arrivals to prevent them getting on the bad side of any Organizations or groups while also helping them understand the systems the city uses so they can't get into too much mischief.


Despite the Rosetta Family itself being fairly new, it originally began formation many months ago now. The Matron started out being within a Motorcycle Club and eventually reaching Vice President, giving an understanding over the inner and outer workings of the MC life, including the two remaining Motorcycle Clubs. Around this time she developed extremely strong ties with the Moretti Family, becoming engaged to one of their high ranking heirarchy and learning the deeper workings of a Family such as that. Interest in the way of life of a Mafia began to grow until she eventually stepped away from her own club briefly to work closely with them.

Unfortunately it wasn't going to last, while working alongside the Moretti's, she began to recognize flaws and mistakes with their Family, primarily coming from the Boss directly and she separated to return to her Club. Still closely allied but watching vigilantly for further errors that could become a detriment to her club. Over time, her MC decided to settle their foundations in another city and Bella left Victoria to establish these new roots while constantly tossing and turning over everything she'd learned. After a dramatic falling out with her club, she founded the Motorcycle Club known as the Marionettes in the hopes of reigniting her love for the Bylaws and Traditions she'd become accustomed to for so long. It was at this point she returned back to Victoria under an assumed identity and began watching her old Club and those she'd previously feuded with.

The goal was simple, watch and wait for the appropriate time to step forward once more as her true identity and create a chapter of the Marionettes in Melbourne to prove herself to those who had betrayed her and those who never believed in her. Her goals were shattered rather abruptly one evening when she decided to visit the old estate where she'd spent so much time with the Moretti's and all her old rivalries melted away and a new perspective was gained.

Introducing the Rosettas, fueled by memories of war, bloodshed, betrayals and senseless violence, built upon the mistakes made by those she'd once been so close with and improved by fierce determination and stubbornness. The Matron removed her false identity and proudly stood up for the person she was and the person she'd become. Old feuds became null and void, and the Rosettas settled into a calm neutrality among all the Crews and Organizations in the city that they spoke to or knew of.

Despite this perceived neutral stance, the Rosettas have been working adamantly in the shadows to assist their biggest and closest ally, Sons of Taxis, through discreet dealings and making use of the Family's large range of contacts in the city. Becoming trusted with their Organization and friends, the Rosettas have reached a point where the only way to continue progress is by expanding, bringing more members into their tight-knit Family and further spreading their influence.


UNIFORMS: Being a well established crew in the city, many recognize the Rosettas based on their uniform which consists primarily of red and black suits with fedoras and a black mask with a skull depiction. All members of the Family receive a rose tattoo on either their leg or arm, both if they wish. Hierarchy may choose to additionally add some white to their red and black attire in order to show their status in the Family.

VEHICLES: The Family will prefer to travel in a pack, protecting their hierarchy and keeping away anyone that will want to stick their noses into their business. This means that they will move around the city in a convey, usually consisting of black and red SUVs with one or two smaller vehicles which are utilized for defensive or offensive driving, depending on the situation.

LOCATION: Due to the influence of Families before them, the Rosettas residence of choice is the abandoned Estate located at 692, given as it is already prepared for a group such as theirs and has been associated with Organizations such as theirs in the past.

COLOURS: As stated above, primarily the Rosettas will be seen adorning red and black, along with their vehicles which normally sport a black primary and a red pearl. Hierarchy can be seen wearing red, black and white. The Family are in no way hostile about these colors and tend to be rather passive as violence will only draw unwanted attention. The only exception to this is the few individuals who decide to wear their exact uniform, including hat and mask, or people with the exact same color combination on vehicles such as Track Hawks.



This is the highest ranking position within the Family when it comes to decision making in branches of the Organization across different cities. They are approved of by the Matron to handle operations wherever the Family decide to spread their influence, which means technically speaking, should another Mob Boss or even the Matron herself were to visit, the Mob Boss for that branch would have total authority unless they are voted to be removed from their position by the Family Council. This is a Hierarchy rank.


The overall Founder of the Family and in charge of organizing new branches or maintaining existing ones should the Mob Boss fail in his duties. If a Mob Boss is voted for removal from the Family, she is instrumental in gathering everyone together for a Family Council and presiding over it to select a new Boss. If the Family decide on a Boss that she deems unfit for the position, it may go for another vote. In the event that a branch fails or goes against the ways of the Family, she is also the deciding voice in whether or not they should be disbanded and any trace of the Rosetta name being wiped from the city. This is a Hierarchy rank.


The eyes and the ears of the Rosetta Family, those who carry the rank of Consigliere have the Boss' and the Matron's ear in all things. They are tasked with gathering intel for the Family and potential even giving orders out should the Boss or Matron not be present. They are expected to be quiet and discreet in all their dealings and to hold no bias as they do not only gather intel on those outside the Family, but also gather intel on those inside the Family in order to weed out those who do no follow orders or rules. When situations turn messy and the intel needed requires a more... Surgical... Approach, the Consigliere will also take point in those actions as well. This is a Hierarchy rank.


The Head of Security in each branch is assigned the task of ensuring the Boss and the Matron are safe and secure at all times. When Operations need to be run, they will take point and call the shots unless the Boss overrides them. When it comes to the safety of the Hierarchy, their orders are law in the Family and even those higher than the Head of Security are expected to listen for their own personal protection. The Consigliere and Head of Security must work together in order to weed out any potential threats in the Family and should there be and rule breakers, it will fall upon the Head of Security to discipline firmly. This is a Hierarchy rank.


In regards to all things related to the Family treasury, the Treasurer has total say. They keep stock of everything the Family has and everything the Family needs. They take point in the Associate Program, giving orders on what needs to be collected for the treasury if anything begins to get low in stock. When it comes to matters of the treasury, whether it's paying Family members or the Associates for their time, or restocking something the Family needs urgently, the Treasurers word is law. This is a Hierarchy Rank.


The Made Men and Women of the Family are the back bone of the entire Organization, they are fully initiated and trusted Family members who have proven their worth and dedication many times over. They assist in all aspects of the Family, such as gathering new contacts or Associates for the Family, gathering items that are needed and assisting with the protection of the Hierarchy and the interests of the Rosetta Family. Made Men and Women are to be respected by anyone not officially initiated with the Family and obeyed by Associates or Security, unless they are given an order from the Hierarchy directly.


This is an entry level position in the Family and are not permitted in to Family meetings unless specifically invited. They are still earning trust and therefore are treated like middle men or henchmen to further protect the interest of the Rosettas. They can be ordered to take on tasks by Made Men or Women and have no authority over associates. Only those who prove themselves as effective Security personnel are offered a full initiation into joining the Family and officially becoming Made Man or Woman.


MOB BOSS - Zee Valentine

THE MATRON - Bella Rosetta


HEAD OF SECURITY - Michael Rosetta

TREASURER - Koko Rosetta

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Pretty sure the house at postcode  692 is owned by someone

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On 21/07/2021 at 11:18 AM, Kamantha said:

Pretty sure the house at postcode  692 is owned by someone

I think it's been unowned since the Moretti's, but there's only one way to find out, amiright? 😛


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Im interested in joining if your looking for people. Discord Mightyyy#9790


Edited by Mightyyy

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