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Town Meeting Notes 005


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BlueBird Town Meeting 005


Date: 10/10/19 AEST

Time: 7:10pm AEST

Close:8:12:pm AEST

Attendance: 71

Next meeting: 24/10/19

Follow up Topics from last meeting-


-Forum calendar- reminder to use our forums and to check out the calendar for new upcoming events,

-In character- Whatever happens in character NEEDS to stay in character, should you have an issue it is NOT to be discussed with anyone but the person involved and it is NOT to be complained about on stream, parties must take it to a private DM- admin are happy to mediate this if needed.

-Gun crime- from town meeting 3. Let's think about reducing it, way too many police and civs are being shot at for very little reason behind the role play. Shooting should be kept to a bare minimum. 



Stream bullying-

Streamers should keep their stream positive and free from toxic behaviour. Should you have an issue with someone or with bluebird is it NOT to be done while on your stream you must either pause or send your stream or wait until the end to address it personally with said person, should this happen temp bans are going to start being issued.

When viewing streams - You are simply viewing. Hold your personal opinions to yourself.  If you have an issue and the streamer themselves don’t. You should not take it personally and start messaging people involved. Most of the time, you won’t know the story behind it. Simply just enjoy it. 


-Reporting in discord- stop bringing role play out of character to make it an admin issue. Many of your complaints can be resolved in game and in role play, either by contacting the police or a lawyer. 

-Reports in game- please stop assuming Failrp! This may be someone trying to create a role play story- if the person is running you over, constantly killing THEN you can report it. The level of reports that come through a lot of them CAN be resolved within your role play. 

-If you get carried, are you allowed to alpha ambo as you are getting carried?

-If you get carried to the hospital by another player to respawn, will you remember what happened or will the NewLife-rule still apply?



Izzy and ducks wedding- willson’s had perms they had permission to have these perms for the occasion, willsons are having a new structure. Clarification on the /carry function.


Answers to the above-

No, just like any other scene you can not alpha transport in an RP where ambos are on the way or where your injuries are part of the roleplay. /carry has no effect on this. 

This is more than just an opinion but no, a regular player can carry you there but they do not have the ability to revive you like an ambo does. You still suffer some memory loss from your wounds due to the lack of professional (paramedic) care.


24-7 Auctions- the ability to sell selected items in their store and earn a profit (send applications to Izzy)

Introducing a new policy for body cams Body cam footage is allowed to be sent however- its MUST be your own footage! When time is practical it is mandatory by law that a person MUST inform the other person that they are being recorded without doing so lawsuits can occur.



-End of the day, we are all here for the same purpose. To have fun and play a game. Lets not forget about that. If you have issues come talk to the right people. Communication is the key.


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