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Heighten penalty for stolen cars


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Hello there, I come again with another suggestion. This, again, might be controversial and might not receive positive feedback but I hope you can still hear me out.

Now, this is mostly regarding the taxi business. I am a big supporter and want people to start using the dying business, Taxis, more and more. 

What I suggest is to make the penalty for stealing local cars (which is about 1k now) a much higher one. For example 20k or even jail time. The pros and cons:

1. Realism: How realistic is it to go up to random people, break open their cars, throw them out and just drive away without any reprocusion? People would normally call the police, note down the license plate and even try to chase after the person steal those cars.

2. Force people to use other sources: This would result in people using Taxis and possibly busses to get from one place to the other. Or they would call a friend to pick them up. Which would again increase RP and make more jobs for people to earn money.

3. Reduce road trash: Without people stealing local cars, those exact cars wouldn't be left in the streets anywhere anymore and people would actually fear impounds since it'd be their own cars they are parking in restricted zones.

4. Police RP: Police would now also have more to do and would have an actual incentive for pulling people in local cars over. 

But it's not all good and fun. Some cons are that some work vehicles such as those from Melbourne Adventures, which don't have an extra license plate, would be affected as no one could tell the difference apart. RACV would also get less jobs, I don't know if that can be counted as a pro or cons. Some might also say that Taxis are unreliable but the problem is the solution: the more people use Taxis, the more support it gets and the more organized it'll get. 

If you have any comments/suggestions or things I missed, please don't hesitate to comment. Thank you!

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Yes please, I am not going to lie, I didn't read your entire suggestion as I am more interested in the general Idea and intention than your reasons for doing so but I will still share my POV and why I think it is a decent idea.

When I first flew into the city my first character was a very low level crim, he was ok with yoinking locals cars but he was not a violent character so he never randomly attacked them. When I made my second character however this changed for me, Uncle was just a chill old guy, he didn't want to hurt anyone and a lot of the time would just wander around talking to himself (or to locals), even though Uncle's whole persona was about being chill and not fucking other people over people still found it really weird when he would rather walk than steal a local's car.

I understand that this is more a symptom of people not respecting locals in the slightest but I think that is why it should not just increased sentences for robbing a local but instead increased sentences for all crimes against locals. We do not need to see any more old ladies getting kicked to death by Danies, worse yet we don't need to see long time players doing this, they pose very little threat and I think it ruins RP.

TLDR: I like locals, we should treat them better #LocalLivesMatter

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