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Elite Autosport's 'The Great Fox Hunt'

Event details


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Elite Autos Scavenger Hunt

24th september

putting problem solving skills to the test with a citywide Fox hunt.


Elite Autosport staff and hunt officials will be stationed and checkpoints through the city dressed as foxes. the key to finding each checkpoint is a clue given at the start of the event. Put your problem solving skills to the test by solving the clues and hunting down all the foxes for your chance to win $1,000,000 in prizes. Hunt on your own or with a friend and heres the best part … ITS FREE TO ENTER!


Event workings

  • All entrants will gather at set starting point to receive run down of rules and first clue
  • While contestants are gathered officials will move off to their set locations.
    • Each official will have 1 location and the clue to the next only to avoid miscommunication and control information.
    • Officials will be required to wear the fox mask
    • Officials will have access to a document to record when each contestant has passed their checkpoint. This will also be backed up with a photo of an /ids
  • First person/ team to be checked off at all locations and return to the starting area will be named the winner
    • Subject to a checkpoint check
    • Entrants will be encouraged to take a photo at each checkpoint to contest and doubt in rulings


  1. competitors can run on their own or in teams up to 2
  2. all competitors must be registered including teams
  3. teams can separate but each member must be checked off at each checkpoint
  4. if in the event a team wins the prize is divided evenly among the team (no inflation for teams)
  5. all checkpoints must be located and checked off with officials
  6. All team members must be checked off at each checkpoint. This means while teams can separate all members must go to each checkpoint.
  7. violence/ sabotage at checkpoints will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification for the individual and subsequent teams
  8. Event organisers reserve the right to pass judgment and ruling as they see fit (Disqualifications)
  9. Officials reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons without need for explanation


If you RSVP, you must find Quinn Bella (at Elite Autosport) In the City to register your interest 


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