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  4. I believe the IRL age required is 14+. Your ingame char has to be 18+.
  5. Name:Catylin TroublesCase against:Victorian PoliceBreif summary of situation: On the 05/02/2021 i Catylin Troubles then known as Catylin Victoria was issued a FPO by my Favorite Policeofficer Alissa Smith and the reason it was given to me at the time was i shot at muiltple officers. I have changed my ways and i have gone to rehab for my troubled was and i have changed my life and my outcome of life. I know my im not the best type of person and i was wrong to do what i did but i have changed my life and believe it's time to remove my FPO. Expected outcome from court: Removel FPOExtra Information/Requests: Discord: Jacob_Scott#5569
  6. You can cancel your regular subscription and purchase Grundy, if thats the fix you're after.
  7. I believe not, as this is something you should be triple checking before finalizing your payments.
  8. I tried to renew my subscription to grundybin instead of normal gold, I wanted grungy gold, is there any way to fix that and can someone please help, I tried to get Grundy not normal gold. Thanks
  9. Currently any right hand drive vehicles are not working. Devs are actively looking into it, I'm sure they release something when they are fixed.
  10. I've bought the supra drift and I liked at first but then I realised it wasn't practical and wasn't that good of a car. I was going to sell it buy haven't been able to get into it, is there any tricks to getting into the car, if not is there a way to get 1 time assistance to get me placed in the car so I can sell it, I don't have that much money and selling my drift car will help me out, thanks.
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  12. Hey @David Moon Common issue comes up - have you tried looking in all the other garage zones (city/sandy/grapeseed) or the insurance, maybe even police impound? Hope this helps
  13. not in garage, not impounded and not at the insurance place. where else could it be?
  14. Would be nice to see more trucks rolling around the city instead of just having the Kenworth W900! Also the ability to buy trailers would be a +1 aswell! https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/kenworth-t660 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/scania-r440 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/freightliner-cascadia-2019-lowboy https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-kenworth-t680-semi-truck
  15. @ItsDKoda I completely agree, if the state of economy was different I don't believe this would happen. But I also believe that those handful doing stuff like that, should be punished beyond RP telling them to change their RP as it's not interesting or unique. It's hard because I also understand the mentality of "criminals have everything to lose and cops have nothing to lose" so it's a hard situation. The sheer speed differences between player vehicles and police vehicles are what I believe pushes people to use bikes.
  16. I also believe those that yeet their bikes into the cliffs every time should be warned about it. I originally didn't realise how much it sucked until I got a cop character. Holy shit its the worst when that happens. - People complain that cop bikes suck, but they get brought out because of people abusing the system. Thats it in a nutshell.
  17. that worked thanks mate didnt know how i didnt try it lmfao
  18. Name: Ben HopkinsCase against: VICPOLBrief summary of situation: A Vicpol police officer broke prison protocol and took my jail tickets for no reason other than her not liking my attuited. She had violated the prisons guidelines, procedures and also made me say in jail longer to get those tickets back. A formal complaint has been lodged.Expected outcome from court: The officer to be demoted or retrained and compensation for the extra time I had to do in jail along with the lack of trust to report to police.Extra Information/Requests: I do have 2 witnesses plus the Vicpol officer who took my complaint whist in jail.
  19. I heard down the grapevine that the Gargoyle is the next bike to be adjusted. My personal opinion is - if we are adjusting one vehicle: all the vehicles should be pushed for their update sooner police vehicles included. As this seems to be an issue due to sawn off meta / gunning it offroad / wheelie at 300kmph+ > some cities I've visited when you're in a vehicle you can still shoot from that vehicle, your "crosshair/centre of your eyes" would sway at higher speeds so it makes your accuracy harder, instead of just abolishing shooting from vehicles > i personally believe those that are exploiting going off-road every time should just be spoken to, told to change up their RP or get a warning as it is shit roleplay. What are your thoughts?
  20. Hey @jimmy samson Giving amounts more than $500 is a gold perk, as unfortunate as it is that's how it is. Here are some alternatives: if someone owns a house, you can put money into the storage if they give you gets for a moment i believe bank transfers work at the ATM (trial this with small amounts first using the persons # number) get a hold of an ATM eftpos machine where someone can charge you the amount Hope this helps
  21. Recently I had a pay a guy 80k, but because I wasn't gold member I had to give him 500 at a time, i found this to be really annoying, is their a way to make it so I can be a trusted player, or make a rule or something if someone has been in the server for a certain amount of time they can pay more money, thanks.
  22. There are a few departments that are currently inactive and their managers aren’t meeting policy expectations to keep their company running. Because of this the government is looking into a resolution for this by enforcing the same policy guidelines across the board for every department. For this will be a minimum of 5 hours per week requirement that every staff member must meet. Each department must provide a business plan and on duty logs to Izzy or Jade for review. Many of these roles are Whitelisted only roles to ensure staff follow all community guidelines to avoid people exploiting their role. Communication will be given before change of leadership. Jade can provide each department with a clock on clock off spreadsheet document.
  23. So, Cliffhangers have been changed for a little bit now. I have my opinions on it, but I want to know my fellow BBRP community members opinion's on it. Do you like it, or do you hate it? It is one of the most used bikes in city, but now most have adjusted to the gargoyle. What do people think?
  24. Some new motorbikes in city would be pretty cool. There is quite a few, but maybe a couple more would be neat. I don't know the exact add on motorbike to add on car ratio is so that could be a problem if there's a lot more motorbikes, but I doubt there is. I agree with this, motorbikes are awesome.
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