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  3. Much better concept. I find while votekicks are great a lot are abused on a 'who you know' basis of the name display.
  4. I see how this can be a great addition to the city, I also struggle to think concept how many people use the taxi services, is this a booming industry to need work added to it due to the factor of people stealing local cars without the need of hotwiring them and the sheer amount of garages throughout the city that there's basically one in walking distance all the time. On top of that, fly in money is around 50k enough to buy a car. I wish taxi services were more used throughout the city but I think an implement to change that would be less garages / the economy fixed and the lockpicking of local cars to be able to enable more use of the taxis.
  5. You need to put a ticket in, chances they are merged.
  6. Basically what Scuba has said you need to be a supporter of the city to enable this
  7. I agree with this, as someone that has a BBRP instagram that tags the official page on each post, would be great to see more engagement and posts on that main page for others to see.
  8. I've found one of the best drinks is water, plus they're super cheap!
  9. Hopefully this comes soon, will be interesting to see what items can be stolen.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hello everyone my name is Romio, and I just wanted to come on here and introduce myself to the community of BlueBird. I plan on having a great time in BlueBird. Tip's, and comment's are alway's appreciated. Sincerely, Oimor.
  12. How do you become a gold supporter? Patreon?
  13. Oh to rally with some of these cars! (BLISTA!! Lol) Think a lot of people would like these vehicles!
  14. i think this is an awesome idea! good car choice also larry could add alot more to the bbrp car scene
  15. Larry here, I've always wanted to expand on the lore friendly cars as I believe they can add a lot more to the car scene due to their customization and how they stand out in a unique way. I've got a decent list so prepare yourselves https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dinka-blista-r-x-add-on Blista R-X - The Blista R-X (Rally Cross), is a amazing lore friendly version of the Blista, beefed up with some nice customization (and a Aussi Livery ). This car would be PERFECT for Rally Events of all sorts, pairing it up against an Obey Omnis, Tropos Rallye, Flash GT, etc. It also definetly stands out compared to a normal Blista. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dinka-blista-tarmac-attack Blista T-A - The Blista T-A (Time Attack), is another Race Variant of the Blista, but more so for Tracks and Hillclimbs. Handles well, a nice batch of customization, and would also be perfect for Race Events and Time Attack events. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/sentinel-xr-add-on-tuning Sentinel XR - This is a widebody version of the Regular Sentinel, thats been setup for more track stuff, but however can still be driven on the street. Has lots of customization, looks clean, and stands out very well in a crowd with its liveries and mods. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/annis-roxanne-add-on-tuning-sounds-liveries Annis Roxanne - A lore friendly version of an Silvia with a nice amount of customization. Would def stand out at any car meet with its liveries and mods. I believe it also has a custom engine sound that comes with it so, not sure if this would make it no so possible or what, but either way its crazy unique. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/6str-annis-zr380-custom-add-on-tuning 6STR Annis ZR380 - This can be used as an alternative to the Annus Euros coming with the Tuners vehicles when they come out, a Widebody alternative with different customization n Liveries. Would be a nice counterpart or "spin off" version of the car. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/oracles-v12-lowrider Oracle V-12 / Oracle V-12 GT - So this is kind of 2 cars in one pack. Theres a street version with a lot of customization, and then theres a "Gran Prix" or "GT" Race Version of it, with some customization. Both of these would also be sold at 2 different prices. This can give people the option to create a nice Tuner build on their Street version, and people can race the Track version somewhere, or it can even be used for Racing events. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/pegassi-tempesta-pegasus Pegassi Exoskeleton - This thing is very unique looking, and would def change up the car scene quite the bit. It would be sold from Luxury Autos for a price around double a Tempesta (even tho it has less parts). It has a nice few customizations with 2-3 minor bugs, and I think it also has an Extra or 2. The Tempesta is already a great vehicle and this would be a great Alternative to it. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/karin-sultan-tubular-add-on-tuning-mmtgarage Sultan Tubular - To finish off the "Exoskeleton" theme, we have a Sultan with no body parts, almost like a gokart look to it. This would be very different to see driving around the streets, and the customization can def set it apart as well. Does it look dumb? yes, would it be great to see driving around? Also a yes I'm unsure the poly counts on these vehicles, but I cant see most of them being over the limit as they are based off lore friendly vehicles. I would personally love to see all of these added, as it would change up car meets, and the car scene of BBRP a decent bit. At my meets I always try to encourage people to bring GTA Vehicles with customization, or something you simply don't see at meets, because its unique. These cars could add so much more to the car scene through events and meets. The 2 Blistas would be great to hold a tournament, the Oracle could make a great 4 door for anyone, the Pegassi Exoskeleton and Sultan Tubular could be 2 very unique vehicles, the Annis Roxanne and ZR380 would be 2 great street/tuner cars for building up for street races or meets, the Sentinel XR would fit right in with some of the cars as well, whether its for racing or simply just chilling at a meet. Hopefully you guys consider some of these vehicles to add to Lux in the Future, thanks for reading
  16. Last week
  17. I think a player owned Taxi business could be a great attention to the city, remove it from the player count 100% tho cos its useless imo
  18. Thanks guys! I will keep trying as time passes.
  19. Hey mate, when Victoria Police are hiring it is posted in the BBRP discord. You would then apply through the support section. Both you and your wife would need different applications.
  20. Just seeing if the PD is hiring, I did go to the right spot but didn't see the BlueBirdRP Police Force Recruitment I would be me and my wife applying we both have experience from cadet to chief with weekly hours being over 20 hours, we are keen to all the requirements and can provide a unique RP experience for all well working our way as new recruits. Thank you for your time! Woke and Ciri Dream
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