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  5. Hi, What you will need to do is go to the tab up the top labelled "Applications/Reports/Support Tickets/Ban Appeals" and open a new request. Then at the top in the drop down box, look for the topic with corrections (police) recruitment in the name and then fill out the required details below. Regards, ZOO
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  7. where do i get a photo for my license?
  8. I'm wanting to put in a c.o application please
  9. Whitelisted discord name ftp42000#6135 Steam name FTP4206
  10. Link: Ford AU Falcon - Vehicles - LauncherLeaks Name: ford AU Falcon Description: Found the AU FALCON for gta 5, it is on launcherleaks but it's not stolen it's just because the patron got deleted and the mod is no where to be found, only here. I think we need one in BlueBirdRP and use the vehicle.meta sound file from a BA falcon as I'm not too sure if the sound works or not according to someone in the comments RP Use: Skidding, if cops see it, they can impound it for illegal modifications and hooning etc (Make it as a gold lot or even diamond maybe) Image: Below
  11. Apologies if this isn't posted in the correct area. I understand this probably can't be asked as it may be metagaming but is there anyway to counteract the effects of drugs (e.g when cooking meth), I've tried asking random people on the server (not in a fail RP manner) and can't find any useful info.
  12. I would love to see Magnolia become an approved whitelist organization, each and everyone one of them as a whole and individually are amazing people who deserve this opportunity!
  13. HUGE FUCKING VOUCH!!!!! +1111111111 I love these guys and I believe they will be such a great org
  14. Can vouch magnol for org but screw that adrian guy ngl bad mom in law
  15. 100% Vouch for Magnolia. This crew is better than 90% of the ORGs rn, which is embarrassing.
  16. magnesium for org but demote tess trust #chow4leader
  17. The energy they bring to the city is unmatched, cant wait to see whats next in their story. Hard Vouch! Mag for org baby!
  18. Vouch some of the nicest and most genuine people I've worked with. Well deserved #Mag4Org
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