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  3. Holden Torana replacement, made by Fatality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXPte5Pnicg https://discord.com/channels/868366789476745257/1192012635084955723/1205065446341083166
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  6. Hey bigfattypig (I recommend changing your name), Did you by chance have negative cash in your hands? Accumulative negative funds will put you at high risk of losing vehicles and potentially removed from the city (for troll behaviours). Besides that, I believe vehicles don't get repossessed at all unless interacted with Police in city.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEwEf_6lygk
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  9. I've just either been banned from the Discord or Kicked from it. It won't let me join and keeps saying unable to accept invite.
  10. 100% vouch i was in this crew and they move like a Org already the 58Sixers deserve it they would make a huge impact for the city they got my vote. #58SIXERSFORORG
  11. SDS For Org. I mean, theres couple of bikies, street org, cartel oriented Firm, mafia, and environmental activist/tree people/labour union. A discrete syndicate structure would be ideal. SDS has always been about that, working in the shadows, nobody knowing whats really happening. Just like people were 'who the fuck is SDS?' when crew+, that reaction was a sign they doing things right. Highly rated. 5/5 Danny bracelets. also, thx for the new profile pic
  12. @Johnny2000 Wiseau were a syndicate but that was 2 years ago so you might not know about them
  13. Sds would make a great org being the fastest crew to hit crew+ and now going for org they would be the first syndicate and as a leader of a crew who has been working for them for months I think they deserve a spot they are there for all there crews help them out even fight for them and with them they run events and help with event they would be great for the next org #Sds for org #baba for org
  14. Huge vouch for SDS since I first stepped into the city they have been the ones to support me the most with my criminal activities and have always been happy to help me, more so than any other Crew, Crew+ or Org, most others in my experience ask "What can you do for us?", SDS always ask "What can we do for you? How can we help?". This is why i believe the part in their application where they state "We want to be known as the group that supports the underdog." They helped me even as basically a absolute Danny and a complete novice to the city, and did so with no expectations, they just want to help the underdogs succeed and help bolster the criminal underbelly of the city from the shadows. SDS would honestly make a great Org, all the members I've met and interacted with are always pleasant and happy to help if they can, and if they can't they will try connect you with someone that can, If given Org that core group would expand and hopefully bring in people just as pleasant to be around and eager to help, making them a real force in this city and likely the first place people would look to when thinking about turning to a life of crime! SDS for Org. #WeNeedAnSyndicateOrg
  15. I've had a few encounters with the leader of SOS, and a few other members, and 100% will back SOS in getting org.
  16. Had a few encounters with SDS myself, they are very friendly, and they all have a good time with each other. As Marodes has mentioned above, I will agree and say that BBRP does in fact need a syndicate org, and SDS has proven multiple times that they have what it takes to provide that for the city.
  17. Former member, big vouch, I recall my time with SDS fondly, a big family, lots of shit talking, lots of love with them all. If the time comes for SDS to get org, they can expect me at their doorstop again. BBRP needs a syndicate org, SDS has what it takes to provide what is needed.
  18. Silver Dawn Syndicate Organization Application Many may not know of us, but we have seen you. Classified Document - SDS Members Only
  19. Back SOS as an ORG, behind my own biased vote for myself of course
  20. Wallah the best crew+ out there, defo well deserved org spot if they end up get it.
  21. Big fat vouch for the 586ers!! I think that they would make a fantatstic org addition to the city as they do so much for the community by holding events, opening businesses and just being great people all round. They have worked so hard and have shown so much dedication, I can't wait to see what plans they have for the city in the future
  23. 100% vouch!!! To be around for as long as they have through all the highs and lows city has thrown at them says enough. They will continue all there great work into org life no doubt. #58fororg
  24. Greatest crew there is, always got my back in city and out. Couldn't give ORG to a better group of lads. SOS on top!
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