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Found 4 results

  1. BlueBird Town Meeting 004 Date: 26/09/19 aest Time: 7:00pm aest Close:8:00:pm aest Attendance: 53 Next meeting: 10/10/19 TOPIC FOLLOW UP FROM LAST MEETING: -Separating Characters (If a character is upset in game, they are upset at your character not yourself) -VDM/RDM - Fear RP reminder - what this means, where to find it in the community rules -Improving roleplay and extending roleplay- how to begin your story -Shooting - Kill RP has dropped. Extending RP TOPICS DISCUSSED: -Patience! - Waiting for services such as Emergency, RACV, True Blue (not all about you). -Admin/Mod reports - Two sides to every story. Think about what you are reporting -Lodge tickets for ban appeals, support etc. Don’t privately message Admins/Mods. -More descriptions into text messages/calls when requesting assistance (Police, Ambulance, Firies, RACV, True Blue Towing, Taxi etc) -Server event charges - Sponsors - Paying fees to enter events such as races -Sheriff opened up - chasing after outstanding fines! -Forum calendar - Don’t add anything yourself. Contact Meow
  2. BlueBird Town Meeting 003 Date: 12/09/19 aest Time: 7:00pm aest Close: 7:50pm aest Attendance: 65 Next meeting: 26/09/19 HOUSEKEEPING: -Consider Emergency services online, Towie's etc before you plan RPs -Gang baiting- reminder to stay out of gang areas unless you have a role-play reason to be there. -Please keep town meeting surveys for role-play based questions, direct server questions to the suggestion channel -How are you liking our server events? TOPIC FOLLOW UP FROM LAST MEETING: -Purchasing property (No ETA as yet) -RolePlay Support class - Voting poll to be opened a few days before every meeting. -New forum (reminder to join and utilise) -Disciplinary action policy (admin & mod) TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED: -Separating Characters (If a character is upset in game, they are upset at your character not yourself) -OOC Chat reminder (Don’t use this chat. Take it to discord. Fees will increase if it continues to be used) -Firearm possession (Trigger happy reminder, just because something doesn’t go your way doesn’t mean you shoot) -Improving roleplay and extending roleplay CLOSURE: -BBRP 1st Birthday- a massive thank you to everyone that has been with us from the very start, supported our community. You guys have become apart of the blueBirdRp family and we appreciate you all. Questions to follow up for next meeting- -New Character slots opening for whitelisted players -Events being grouped out instead of having it separated every day (issues raised over RP time) -Can regular job pays be increased -CFA Uniform for females
  3. BlueBird Town Meeting 002 Date: 29/08/19 AEST Time: 7:00pm AEST Close: 8:15 AEST Attendance: 75 Housekeeping: -Please be respectful of each other when posting in channels, allow those to have an opinion and keep negatives out of it. -Please keep general chatter to the correct channels to avoid us losing important topics and information. -When making a support ticket please follow Ando’s pinned post to ensure you include as much information as you can. Topic follow up from last meeting: -Thank you for those that have come forward to join our recruitment team, we now have enough and I appreciate the help. -Welcome our new Events team Manager, please be sure to check out the channel for all of our upcoming events and giveaways. -Join our new Forum to be kept up to date with server changes, upgrades and events calendar. -Purchasing property- no ETA as yet -Money exchange for non whitelisted players- some changes will slowly be implemented but at its current status it won't ever go back to how it was purely due to the amount of people that have and continue to exploit it Topics Discussed: Gang baiting- what is classed as baiting, how can we improve on our role plays surrounding gangs -Not role playing fear -Seeking war with particular gangs with no actual role-play reason other than knowing they are affiliated with a gang -Gang wars over particular roles and turf is okay but make sure its within rp rules and ensure you are doing it with legitimate reason Harsher punishments- -all fines have been upgraded to higher amounts, and police will review your idea of extending time but please know that jail time can not and will not be used to combat those that fail to comply with our server rules. This is because we have a set disciplinary action policy that mods and admin follow so we prefer to leave it to them. Role-Play support- -The idea for role play support classes? Voting poll Addressing the complaints from willson’s security -improving role play with willsons -cracking down on fail rp Seperating yourself from your character (might leave for next meeting) Civ input: -Internal prison -Prison jobs -Extending sentence time to max 30 minutes -Introducing a new law department (magistrates system) to extend role play
  4. BlueBird Town Meeting 001 Date: 02/08/19 Time: 7:00pm AEST Close: 10:35 AEST Attendance: 72 Topics discussed- Disciplinary action - the process we use for verbals, yellow cards, kicks and bans See attached document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M8_KTPChJB4UEZqdYmcsp9S-hPJHkhfr6CCMhlr9Zf4/edit?usp=sharing Introducing the neighbourhood watch (with new guidelines, new name, new policy) putting together a committee to assist with running the meetings, helping with events , new members etc. ABSOLUTELY NO criminal activity! Introducing a new change to rule 26- please see attached link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L7WmUAi_smGIqi-kiPijltRdXmcxl10HO6J4D_y-1kw/edit?usp=sharing Events Team- looking for some highly active, enthusiastic people to join our events team. Will require actively seeking ideas from civilians/members, assisting to arrange and co host events throughout the year. Please see Izzy to register your interest. (must be whitelisted to be eligible) Recruitment team - looking for some active whitelisted mature members to join our recruitment team that are able to assist with our review process and interviews. Please see Izzy to register your interest. Next town meeting pre meeting agenda list released 3 days prior to meeting ( a max of 5-10 topics per meeting to ensure we stick to the max 1hr limit) merging town meeting into game once hall is in and running. Town meeting scheduled to be held fortnightly Civilian- -Change for chop shop to make it more player based -Needing to collect items to be able to rob -Timer on silent alarms (the ability to freeze them during a police priority) -Expanding the /IDS range -RACV- cheaper kits when racv or true blue arent on duty -Taxi invoicing guide in their F6 menu to prevent people charging excessive amounts -More city focused role play to assist new players -A knock out script -Additional menu for hands to sign -Having a limit to not charge new players for the first 30 days -Duress button for willson’s security -Illegal car parts and upgrades -Alpha doctor to reduce price when 3 or more ambos are online -Radio for truckers -Walkie talkies in game -Cool down on robberies -Bring back police priority on screen -Drag option for players/ambos to use when another player is down -Up the amount of damage sustained before player limps
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