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About Me

Found 7 results

  1. Welcome to BlueBirdRP, here are some commonly asked questions to help you get set up in the city. Most importantly, press F3 while you are in game and familiarise yourself with the community guidelines. How do I change my appearance and clothing? You will want to head to the nearest clothing store ( map icon) Once you are in the clothing store, you will want to do the following steps: Press F1 'Player Related Options' 'MP Ped Customisation' 'Create Female/Male Ped' Character Inheritance > Changes Father & Mother faces, use the 'Head Shape Mix' and 'Body Skin Mix' to play with face combinations & skin tone Character Appearance > Change hair style & colour, add & change makeup, eyebrows, eye colour etc. (make sure you up the makeup & eyebrow opacity in this menu for it to appear) Character Face Shape Options > Change things such as nose, chin, jaw, cheek size here Character Clothing Options > Change clothing here. If your shirt has skin showing through then change 'Upper Body' until the skin doesn't show through. If there is a 2nd t-shirt showing then change 'Shirts & Accessories' Once you are happy with your look & outfit, you can save the look by going to 'Save Character' then give it a name (eg. Casual outfit). Each time you load into the server, you will need to do the same first 3 steps and instead of create, go to 'Saved Characters' and choose which outfit you want to wear by pressing enter & then selecting 'Spawn Saved Character'. Why can't anyone hear me and/or why can't I hear them? Your push to talk will automatically be set up to be the 'N' key, however you will most likely need to turn on voice chat in settings. Press F3 then click the microphone symbol to read how to set up voice chat. How do I change my name? You will want to head over to VicRoads ( map icon) and go to the desk, one of the menu's will give you the option to change your name. How do I get a license? You will need to go to VicRoads and go for your license test - you will need to do the learner test (theory) and then go back into the menu and do the practical drivers test (which will spawn you in a car, follow the instructions it gives you). How do I lock my car? Press 'Page Down' to lock and unlock your vehicle. You can find all other keybinds in F3 then by pressing the keyboard icon. How do I get a job? There are purple 'i' icons on the map . Go to these locations and choose a preferred job. Where do I get a phone? Make your way to the green shop icon on the map. You can purchase a phone and other goodies here. Where can I buy a car? You can buy cars from: Luxury Autos near postcode 561 (player ran) Car dealership at postcode 940 (NPC ran) which also has a 2nd hand dealership attached Car dealership at postcode 200 (NPC ran) Why is my screen blurry & bright? You most likely have a head injury - head to a hospital and check in using the green circle at the front desk to treat head injuries, this will make your screen appear clearer.
  2. So i've bought a car, its the nissan skyline for i Believe 24 000$, and i tried taking it out of my garage but when i go to the yellow marker too pay the fee it says that my car model does not exist,even though i have over 6k in cash even though i only need a maximum of 4k too pay the fee, and it doesnt say that my car has been impounded so im kinda confused of what too do. I've seen others take the exact same model out in front of me from their garage, so if anyone knows how too solve this i would be grateful. Thanks.
  3. need admin help 33 out of 65 in queue and everything is linked and have restarted multiple times
  4. I somehow got banned and I have no clue why, one guess would be when I was delivering post as a job my first delivery said 'cheat detected' or something along those lines even though I wasn't trying to cheat, it was literally my first job in BlueBird rp and Now I don't know how to get unbanned, please help.
  5. How do i become a police officer on the bluebird rp server
  6. Hey, im just trying to join the discord but any links i find say they are expired. Is there a working link somewhere ?
  7. Support not report!! Let's talk about how to help our new members within your role play whilst on the server- somone is asking you "hey how do i speak to an admin in the discord?" how do you respond in character? A new player does not know the rules well and may need help to learn them to avoid being removed, you might say something like "hey if you have a look at your ipad SCREEN I can see its listed at the top left of your SCREEN" Feel free to share advice and ways you have supported other members whilst staying in character.
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