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Found 3 results

  1. DYING BREED MOTORCYCLE CLUB It was the year of 2021, Melbourne was changed, As a new MC was named. Former President Harlos Brooker ( 8k ) and Vice President Harley Fitzsimons ( Fitzy ) Retired from a known Motorcycle club at the start of the year 2020. The M.C was all they knew and the life they had lived for a long amount of time. The retirement was due to the former clubs conflict-distorted drama and misconduct within the club. It was known from that day forth that they had now been listed as nothing to the former M.C and that the community was needed to be shown what a real Brotherhood is all about. One Saturday evening reminiscing with mates as they drank beers around a fire, was where the drawings of the original colours were chosen and from several different sketches, the two blokes made the decision because of their love of Skulls, Viking heritage and picked the name specifically as a definition that defines them as a club. We decided to form a M.C of our own with the intention to help the community and to give back to the people of Melbourne Victoria. Dying Breed want to be known to the community as NOT an M.C that you should be scared of or threatened by, But as a club who is dedicated in giving support & help when it is needed to the members of our community. We intend to do this by hosting many events and giving our support such as. Charity Rides Show & Shine, Car & Bike Meets Legal Friday Night. Fight Night Challenges/Championships Crowd Control Services Giveaways Raffles 4X4ForALL Summernats Burnout Competitions Large Bar Tabs Provided For Local Liquor Organizations (Clubs Within Melbourne) General welfare checks around the city at various job locations and hang out areas. Comedy Club Events The Club will also be hosting free food trucks every fortnight at various locations around the city for those who have no money and are in need of food and water. We will also be thinking and creating many other events and ways to support the community in the near future. We will also be involved in Hostile R.P such as. (If approved by Government) Ongoing weekly/monthly shipment deals of Illegal narcotics & Military grade firearms with different Organisations. Money Laundering. Hostile Hostage Role-play. Well planned and inventive Bank heists. Armaguard heists. Espionage. Kidnapping Arson. Vastly Planned out war Crimes. Once a month Illegal Cage death matches (on-going Championship) and illegal gambling. Our goal as a Motorcycle club is to develop an build relationships within the community and provide Inventive, non-hostile/hostile RP where the soul focus isn't all about to "win" But creating fun realistic-like situations that everybody will enjoy while also role-playing with any other organization if needed or necessary. Dying Breed is NOT a club that causes complete chaos but is well Respected amongst the community and keeping an A1 standard of Role-playing, following and obeying the rules of BlueBirdRP and Dying Breed M.C. Policy Within the Dying Breed Motorcycle Club, we have VERY Strick rules and By-laws in place, members must under-go extreme tasks and be physically and mentally fit to be able to get membership within the club. This is our way of making sure you are suitable for becoming a full patched member and not just given a membership solely for the quantity of members but to take great respect and pride of the patch you well an truly earned. Any Dying Breed member's that disobeys any club or city rules and by-laws will be dealt with accordingly. If severe, persons will be stripped of membership and possibly be reported to Government if necessary. Dying Breed club Rules, By-laws and Ranking System is very similar to how they are in a Real-life M.C and has been restructured so there is potential for female membership and has been adjusted to BlueBirds city rules so each patch member or upcoming member has a great understanding of how a 1% Motorcycle club functions solely for role-playing purposes only. Club Colours Black and Gold. Our Members '8k' - Harlos Brooker [Harlos] (President) 'Fitzy' - Harley Fitzsimons [OldMateFitzy] (Vice President) 'Spankzy' - Daveo Spanks [!!ֆքǟʐʐ!!] (Member) 'Micheal' - Micheal Richards [Dyssoma] (Member) 'Tommy' - Tommy Coca [$incat] (Member) 'Narco' - Narco Nelsons [Lieutenant pan] (Member) 'Syn Kane' - [synz] (supporter/Potential member) 'Cody picket' [SeekayCodee] (supporter/Potential member) President: President is the leader/Chairman of the chapter, all matters within the club and any outside organization are brought to his attenion before any actions are taken. Known as '8k' Harlos Brooker Vice. President: The Vice-President is the second in command underneath the President and he assumes all the duties of the President in his absence. The Vice President supervises plans for club events and coordinates the club. Known as 'Fitzy' Harley Fitzsimons Sgt. At Arms: The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and standing rules of a club are not violated, and that orders of the chapter officers are executed in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all meetings and club events. (To be discussed/voted) Road Captain: Road Captain is a member who coordinates a multiple-bike ride. Working as part of a team, the road captain is responsible for the safety of the riders and the smooth running of the ride itself. (To be discussed/voted) Treasurer: A Treasurer is to manage the financial affairs of the club as this is for protection of the club's cash, assets and the associates who handle them. (To be discussed/voted) Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for keeping all of the club records, written reports and correspondence between outside organizations and within the club. (To be discussed/voted) Tailgunner: Tail Gunner is a patched member that rides at the back of the pack in formation and enforce riding safety. If anyone crashed, or for another reason falls behind the tail gunner will stop and assist them. (To be discussed/voted) Enforcer: He protects all of the patch holders and protects the club's reputation in any type of conflict. The Enforcer assists all members of the club in combat of any sort. (To be discussed/voted) Lady Luxe: A Lady luxe is a full patched member that the Ol'ladies look up to, The lady luxe role is to keep all other Ol'ladies safe and inline, she is their Sergeant of sorts. (To be discussed/voted) Member: Members have earned their patch after graduating from a Prospect. They have the right to wear club colours and attend club meetings. (To be discussed/voted) Ol'Lady: Is a wife/Missus of any full member or prospect until any ranking member decides he likes the woman well enough to keep her as his own if okayed by her. (To be discussed/voted) Prospect: A prospect is a hang around who has stated a clear intention of being a full patch member (To be discussed/voted) Hang Around: A hang around is a person wanting to get to know the M.C and possibly wanting to become a Prospect & should be brought in and shown the benefits of membership within the club. (potentially any candidate) Club location/Territory The Dying Breed MC is open to any suggestions anywhere within the city, we're currently in the works of finding an establishment and do have a probable position at postal 2001 (Hookies Remodelled) or down near the docks at postal 18 (near smithy's workshop.) Postal 18 Link: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/murk-mafia-garage-menyoo Other Information: Happily to send a private invite to admins for the Dying Breed discord. Also can send a private copy of the Dying Breeds Full Rules, By-laws, and code of conduct. Photo of what the Vest will look like, Watermarks will be removed upon approval of application.
  2. VERCETTI CRIME FAMILY BOSS: Joey Balbora UNDERBOSS: Shank ENFORCER :Dylan,Noah SOLDIERS: ASSICIATES: BACKSTORY: a Italian man came to the city escaping the mob starting his own crime family seeking fame and money by using his powers to create crime using drugs guns and other crime he controls the cocaine and the guns in the city no one gets away from the vercetti crime family he met a man who goes by shank in the ghetto he hired him looking for a partner where he also met Dylan and Noah who are brothers these 4 men became united and created the vercetti crime family they have already made some connections with gun runners and other gangs they have a very strong knowledge of how to make and where to get drugs and will help anyone with anything for the right price they know how to do any crime and are all deemed as dangerous they all have been to jail and seen the worst in most people they are used to being in trouble with the law and will do anything to protect the club and each other they are all each others family and have no other family they do what they need to do to get by , our work consits of bank robberies lower members rob other city members and small amounts of drugs higher members smuggle and sell large amounts of cocaine and meth and gun run i the president controll all this anyone using this to there own personal needs will be executed and kicked out of the gang our gang area will be james town untill we find a clubhouse we go by city rules any members caught breaking city rules will be exiled by the gang always open for new members trying to expand my city number is 554850 discord is levibeazley#1751
  3. CLUB BACKSTORY Luther Rhodes was a mechanic in the Australian Army. Usually working on ATV's & the general transport vehicles, he loved his work. Th e army was always going to be a means to an end - The tour would come to a close, and he'd return back home to Melbourne. Together with a group of mates he served with, they started going on rides together across the great ocean road and working on their bikes from the comfort of their own home. Turns out they were pretty good at it! More of knack for getting old pieces of **** back on the road more than any fancy upgrade work - The blokes pitched in and got themselves a tow truck and Rhodes & Ross Towing was born. Starting out small, they towed vehicles that were broken down on the side of the road and took them to licensed repairers, as their reputation grew and their company accounts, they went and purchased a vacant lot in Mirror Park where they could complete repairs themselves. Today, Rhodes & Ross is a perfectly legitimate business and has a reputation for caring about the people of Melbourne, helping them out of tight spots. As far as the MC goes, as the lads continued to go out on rides with one another, striking up conversation with locals, they had a strongly-bound first 9, and registered their club as a not-for-profit with the government. Today, they operate as a perfectly legal enthusiasts club in Melbourne and proudly DO NOT display a 1%ers patch on their vests. CLUB RANKS & MEMBER NAMES https://www.hierarchystructure.com/motorcycle-gang-hierarchy/ PRESIDENT / OWNER Luther Rhodes VICE PRESIDENT / CO-OWNER Jock Ross SERGEANT AT ARMS / BOSS < Vacant > TREASURER/SECRETARY / BOSS < Vacant > ROAD CAPTAIN / BOSS < Vacant > ENFORCER / EXPERIENCED < Vacant > PATCHED MEMBERS / EXPERIENCED Barry Miller Mike Dirty Mark Higgins Theodore Jones David Letterman Scotty Monroe "Damo" PROSPECTS / NOVICE < Vacant > HANGAROUNDS / APPRENTICE < Vacant > EXPLAIN WHY THIS IS GOING TO ADD TO THE RP AVAILABLE ON THE SERVER OUTSIDE WHAT IS ALREADY AVAILABLE ON THE SERVER Additional mechanic resources to add to RP. True Blue is FANTASTIC but sometimes it's tough to get someone on to do a repair, due to them having other RPs going on, or other jobs on other characters. Mechanic RP is going to be a PRIMARY focus for members. To be part of the MC, be a prospect, or be a hangaround, you need to perform on-duty shifts as a towie. Ideally show another flavour of MC Roleplay on the server, not solely focussed on crime, but instead things like subterfuge, subtlety and politics instead of guns/wars & public displays of power. WHAT ACTION WILL YOU TAKE TO DISCIPLINE MEMBERS BREAKING RULES FOR THE ORG AND/OR THE CITY. In-Character matters will be reported to senior club members & officers. Depending on severity, club meetings (church) will be held to discuss diplomatically the severity and level of punishment, ranging from an IC Ass-whooping, removal of title/rank, doing shit jobs, doubling hours on the tow truck, removal of patch and potentially death (or similar, depending on consent). Out-of-Character matters will be warned & educated on the city rules. Depending on severity they'll be removed from the org & reported to server staff. PROPOSED LOCATION: 1 - Mirror Park Motorcycle Compound, currently not occupied and has a lot of the resources necessary. 2 - "Old" TBT Headquarters in Mirror Park (or similar) - A place to operate our accompanying towing business. Note - We are absolutely open to suggestions but hope for a location fairly central for quicker response time on towing jobs with an MC compound nearby. Thank you for considering our application!
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