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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. VERCETTI CRIME FAMILY BOSS: Joey Balbora UNDERBOSS: Shank ENFORCER :Dylan,Noah SOLDIERS: ASSICIATES: BACKSTORY: a Italian man came to the city escaping the mob starting his own crime family seeking fame and money by using his powers to create crime using drugs guns and other crime he controls the cocaine and the guns in the city no one gets away from the vercetti crime family he met a man who goes by shank in the ghetto he hired him looking for a partner where he also met Dylan and Noah who are brothers these 4 men became united and created the vercetti cr
  2. CLUB BACKSTORY Luther Rhodes was a mechanic in the Australian Army. Usually working on ATV's & the general transport vehicles, he loved his work. Th e army was always going to be a means to an end - The tour would come to a close, and he'd return back home to Melbourne. Together with a group of mates he served with, they started going on rides together across the great ocean road and working on their bikes from the comfort of their own home. Turns out they were pretty good at it! More of knack for getting old pieces of **** back on the road more than any fancy upgrade work - The
  3. Name of group GSF (Grove Street FamilIies) Purposed location Franklins Aunties House (126) Explain why this is going to add to the RP available on the server outside of what is already available on the server I believe that the GSF roleplay will drastically improve the overall role play of BlueBird RP. The GSF RP is a form of criminal roleplay that is extremely different to most “Gangs or Organisations”. If GSF were to be accepted, we would be bringing in a large amount of low scale hustling. Such as Street Gambling, Selling Stolen goods, and dru
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