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  1. The Police Department has an excellent Criminal Investigation Unit (Detectives) which specialise in this.
  2. Hey mate, this city isn't Whitelisted Only You can join via the FiveM Dashboard. Or - F8 -> `connect fivem.bluebirdrp.live'
  3. Please use the "Applications/Reports/Support Tickets" option from the top menu and create a new request. Police applications are there,
  4. CLUB BACKSTORY Luther Rhodes was a mechanic in the Australian Army. Usually working on ATV's & the general transport vehicles, he loved his work. Th e army was always going to be a means to an end - The tour would come to a close, and he'd return back home to Melbourne. Together with a group of mates he served with, they started going on rides together across the great ocean road and working on their bikes from the comfort of their own home. Turns out they were pretty good at it! More of knack for getting old pieces of **** back on the road more than any fancy upgrade work - The
  5. 1) Make it possible to renew registration/license from the mobile phone 2) make it impossible for unconsious people & people who are cuffed to pass items between one another.
  6. Thought. When you garage a vehicle that's damaged, have a mandatory popup that says. "To Garage this vehicle, you must repair it - Cost $$$" You pay the cost, then the car garages and is repaired. This would be another money sink that'd be good for the economy. Also - It'd prevent people trashing their cars, only to have them return to the garage all fixed up post-reset.
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