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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. We employ 5 Tow truck drivers to patrol the streets of Melbourne with corporate credit cards that cover the running costs of our vehicles, Fuel , repairs. Player personal vehicles will be towed if left abandoned and spotted by one of our drivers once the winch is attached the players have 1 in game day to go to our head office and pay a large fee based on the model of car to retrieve their vehicle or we auction it off in the next days live auctions also at our HQ, Citizens of Melbourne will be able to bid for cars they don't have or cant get anymore giving every hard working Melbournian a chance to get something, Not only that but every day we will host live auctions creating uniting the community and bringing them hope ' HOPE TO GET SOMETHING AT A FAIR PRICE THEY NEVER IMAGINED THEY COULD GET" Special tickets can be sold to give poorer members of the community a boost that will improve their chances of a successful bid , Bidding will be anonymous and done through a polling station maned by our employees and people will get 1 bid per car winner takes all . We will have on site security employed by us also creating a safe environment for all citizens.
  2. Just a possibility Getting the U Tool ~ 700M North of the Route 1 / Route 68 crossover skinned with a Bunnings Warehouse mesh, having a small white entry point where it takes you to a standard interior with shelves of boxes (representing equipment or don't even need the interior). Be able to buy hammers, flashlights, batteries, car batteries, ect there. Open up a bit more rp. Also, include a small gazebo that's skinned green that sells sausages, for the sake of Snags
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