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  1. Name: Victor Blueberry-TugwellCase against: FPO ChargeBreif summary of situation: To be honest, actually forgot why i landed my FPO in the first place, had a chat with an officer and he checked my criminal history, suggested I could get my FPO removed as soon as i wanted. However, I have been acting as a compliant citizen and have righted my wrongs to whichever they may be, I mainly want this FPO removed to pursue my dream career as a pilot for Melbourne Dreams and to show everyone Melbourne and all it's exciting landmarks and features. Expected outcome from court: FPO cleared in my nameExtra Information/Requests: My discord tag is Misc#2847
  2. That was literally the the start of it all, I don't even know any of them. Plus I tried to get in my car and drive away but it bugged out and i was stuck so that was already thrown out of the window.
  3. Was pulling into a garage with some mates and suddenly we start getting RDM'd for absolutely no reason. No RP involved beforehand, random stabbings and shots. The police shows up afterwards and I get tagged with multiple charges alongside my FPO. So all in all, 3 idiots decide to break city laws and I suffer immense consequences from this. I have bodycam footage supplied as well. Evidence Video Link:
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