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  1. To the Registrar, The person who submitted this Legal Aid Request has contacted me and is willing to have me Represent them in court. Can I please have this request removed from the Requests List? Thank you. Regards, Nick Woods, Trainee Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  2. Mr James Byron, Please be advised that this Request doesn't use the correct format, please edit the request and a Lawyer will get back to you once that has been completed! Format is as shown; Title: {Your name} - {Appealing charges/Seeking damages/Appealing an FPO/Other} - {Timezone}Example Title: James Smith - Appealing Charges - AESTPost:Copy and paste the below into your post and fill it out fully.Name:Case against:Breif summary of situation:Expected outcome from court:Extra Information/Requests: If you are Confused about the Format Refer to a recent Request! Regards, Nick Woods Trainee Lawyer Office of Legal Defence
  3. Mr Clay Williams, I have read through your Legal Aid Request and I am willing to look into your case further. Email me at bradfor925#0600@bbrp.com.au and we can talk further. Regards, Nick Woods, Trainee Lawyer Offie of Legal Defence
  4. I'm here today to make a request regarding traffic zones. As a member of AmbVic I use traffic zones quite alot on a daily basis, they keep me and my patient safe in roleplay but can sometimes ruin roleplay for others around me weather that be because of how much the zone takes up the roadway or because of the traffic and mess it makes around the zone. however, I have a pretty simple request to try and help both parties, the coding may not be but it should be good in the long run. I've attached 3 pictures below (LEFT TO RIGHT); A traffic zone taking up one side of traffic and over lapping onto the side of the road. A traffic zone thats setup in the middle of two lanes, stopping both lanes of travel that are divided up by a small median strip. A traffic zone thats setup in the middle of two lanes stopping both lanes of travel that are divided by a large median strip. What I'm requesting here today is could the smallest traffic zone size be smaller to where you can place it between two lanes going the same way and not have overlap onto the otherside of the road or the curbside? decreasing the size should decrease the amount of lag, explosions and traffic that would occur in the area surrounding the traffic zone while allowing roleplayers weather that be emergency services or civilians to go around and still have the ability to go through without hitting and/or killing AmbVic paramedics on scene. if anyone wants to reply to this post saying what they think about this please do. - Nick Wood / Jack Wood (bradfor925)
  5. I've just joined the server last week and have been making money through the Butcher Job/ Garbage Truck Driver Job. However.... I've realised that with the Butcher Job you have to sign in next to the airport then drive all the way up to Paleto, is there a possibility that singing in can be made available at the Chicken Slaughter house up in Paleto Bay? or... better still allow the Butcher Job to be done at the Beef Slaughter house in East Los Santos? (You would know where im talking about if you've watched streamers or played the GTA V campaign) Very big ask but I think either or both will be good for roleplay. Thanks for hearing my Suggestion.
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