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  1. Name: Jamal Robinson Case against: VIC police Brief summary of situation: Arrested and charged unlawfully and incorrectly. Expected outcome from court: Charges revoked and proven innocent. Officers retrained etc Extra Information/Requests: Request the arresting officers body cam footage.
  2. Sorry to bump this but I wanted to add my 2 cents. Honestly the new drug system has a lot of potential but right now I think it needs some adjustments. Below are the changes I have noticed to make drugs more difficult - The gathering and processing part has been made longer with the introduction of Tasmania - When selling you no longer get a prompt if police have been notified - Like OP said it takes days (for most people) to level all the way up and it can all be lost for any crime it seems - Now need Medium cops in the city otherwise there is no point in selling With all those changes to make drugs harder to get away with you would think the money would be good right? Well it's actually terrible money even at King Pin 3 and you can earn more simply by driving between North and South chop shops and you have no risk of losing your rep. Bugs I have noticed - Selling 2-4 bags will sell for the same price as if you sold just 1 bag - At King Pin 3 sometimes you will do a hand off and get paid then afterwards the civ does the agro thing but it will also make me lose rep? This -rep has caused me to derank multiple times now back to King Pin 2 even though I have done 20 successful deals at King Pin 3 My solution - Make the higher levels pay more or add more levels beyond King Pin 3 - Should be able to sell multiple bags at once. (You could make it realistic by giving slight discounts for bulk orders. E.g. 1 bag sells for 1000, 2 bags sell for 1800, 3 bags sells for 2400 etc)
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