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  1. We have discussed in city, carry on to the emails. Hans OLD BBRP
  2. Hello Victor, Lets discuss some things over emails! Best Regards, Hans Bauer, Office of Legal Defense
  3. yup, go it mixed up. kinda tunneled visioned there. removing the player count would help, in the sense if there are no taxis online, i wont call a taxi. ik for a fact there are some who use the taxi job as 0placeholders because the per hour tick is the highest amongst jobs out there at 350. So theres a problem, the taxi drivers wont go to calls because theyre just there for the tick money. as for the phone number removed, i think that it shoudnt because to those who RP as a taxi driver rely a lot on the taxi calls to then call the client, because most of the time, no one calls for a taxi based on their yellowpage ad, and more so use the taxi within their phone.
  4. All right I think it's about time I step in on this topic, as taxi work is quite literally my whole shebang. Does the taxi job need rework. yes. Will it be fixed by devs soon. Probs not. I run a taxi business in the city, Taxi Bauer. The plan of this is to run it like TBT and RACV. We have our own discord group (with gov) and have created a CAD system( AKU system) that works within discord. This being said. Being a taxi driver is pretty hard. Nothing works the way it is designed to, except for the pinged location. There is no automated mechanics. It relies solely on your dedication to be creative. There's no communication between customer and driver, UNLESS the driver memorizes the number and calls the client themselves. this locks in the client and makes him stay there so you can pick them up. That's the most efficient way to get clients. I would also want to point out the reason why there was a huge influx of taxi drivers in the city is because a lot of them were inspired by Barry taxi or the sons of taxi. That's why at one point, 3 months ago, there was 15 different #1 best Taxi in the city. There was an incentive to be a driver, because it meant you could rp with a streamer/content Creator.(or have a better chance at it). Since then, they took out the billing mechanism, as it was abused and left the taxi drivers make their own fares and money through passed cash which primes the stealing if rides and scams. Since taxi driving doesn't have a way to guarantee you money like the billing system RACV has, no one wants to do it because it potentially makes you no money. A lot of taxi drivers get robbed for the reasons that when they ask for cash as payment they get held at gunpoint instead. (If taxi Bauer gets up, we have a system (a map) in place to unify the fares for rides. At our reasonable price. But it's still a work in progress.) Taxi role needs change, but not removal. There is player based changes happening, but not dev changes as they are busy. Tldr: there is a BUISNESS out there with solutions, no one wants to be taxi because Barry doesn't do taxi work, taxi drivers don't have a way to make guaranteed money when bringing a player to their destination. Don't remove taxi role.
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