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  1. its the one down at the beach on the east side u do a mission with lamar where u gotta repo a bike out of a garage its sorta like next to them garages
  2. Hey so I came across a proper hidden coke lab in the city but was totally unused I feel like these hidden drug labs should be used for cooking to spread it out abit everyone goes to the one house and just get targeted like crazy
  3. I came from fdg and that’s the only thing I miss the breaking into houses and stealing the house goods would love to see this implemented into blubird although if I could chose I’d lean more toward the no pixel version of house robbing where u actually grab things and carry them to ur van
  4. Oh yeah my bad I totally forgot duhhh dummy although I actually really like the 1st person aiming it can get annoying when I can’t wear sun glasses or some hats cause it blocks view would be cool to see the 3rd person option with no cross hairs to make it fair still that way could also do gang aim
  5. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gangster-aim hey not sure how possible this will be do to with all pistols but I’ve always wanted some th but like this in a city with a toggle button adds abit if character to the individual
  6. just wondering if it’s possible to get these with the big wheels in game so friggen dope these cars IRL are pimp
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