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  1. Hey Andrew, sorry for the late reply. I totally understood what you were saying, and it helped me a lot. Have gotten much better and more profitable. Thanks mate.
  2. So I made some meth the other day, and it doesn't seem like a good way to make money at all, which is highly disappointing. I won't go into details about what products I had to buy, but I will go into the overheads and profit margins. transport $6500 Kit $6000 Supplies $12000 (I did 3 cooks) By the time I sold everything I made (65 Bags) I was left with around $12000 of dirty money, which then also needs to be cleaned, which I ended up with around $8000 clean money. It seems you have to build a reputation in order to make better sales, but to be running at a loss with even just the supplies is ridicules in my opinion. It's a pretty dangerous game to be involved with. For example driving the transport can easily be recognised and followed, plus the smoke of cooking, then the disputation is also sketchy and easily noticeable, and not to mention the time this all takes to do. I'm not looking for easy money, that can be done with Garbage trucks, RAVC, or logistics, but what I do think should happen is the price needs to increase of sales. I also think this could lead to some great roleplaying if/when you get caught. Even a convey of transport travelling together, cooking together would be a bit of excitement??? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, and if that's the case then it's fine, but can you at least tell me I'm doing something wrong and how much I should be making so I can look into it further please?
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