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  1. Rough overview of the Gang: Back in 1956 2 brothers were brought up in a harsh house hold where a lot of family abuse occurred. Our only escape from the abuse was to meet up in the ally way and have fun and play with the sticks and rubbish in the ally way. It has been over 60 years since those days and we all still share a close bond with each other, We all still hang out together and do a lot of our day to day stuff with one an other. We are brothers and we always will be, even not by blood but by oath we will never give up. We do everything together. We work together. We live together, We are all brothers and don't give up on each other. Members: BFL President- Ethan Murry BFL Boss- Bando Ofb BFL Boss- Luca Antonio BFL Underboss- Liam Antonio BFL Lieutenant- Kewon Murry BFL Capo- Munch Leeyow BFL Thug- Dave starzzzzy We love to put back into the community so these are some Ideas we have: Fight Night Giveaways Special Events Racing Protecting Oil Refinery and other jobs Parties Giveaway free drink and food Some Criminal RP Ideas: Gun Running Drug Running Bank Heists Armaguard Heists Hostile Hostage RP Prison Breaks Our Goal: BFL's goal is to have their name in the community for being respectful trustworthy people. We are wanting everyone who encounters BFL to have some fun and interesting RP. BFL are neutral lads who don't go around and start beef with other gang/orgs. We just want everyone to be happy and enjoy there time in BlueBirdRP. We are respectful and serious when it comes down to business and will follow the city rules always.
  2. I would like to make an underground fight club where you can sign up to fight in front of a crowd of people or you can place bets on a fighter. I will get a team together to have training going on daily for people who would like to learn how to fight. I am a boxer IRL and would love to take this into BlueBirdRP. Ethan Trimmer
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