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  1. Executive Chairman of the Moretti Foundation, Samuel Moretti addresses the great people of Victoria about a new program being launched by the foundation in hopes to fight the astronomically high unemployment rates within the state. This initiative is to be known as the New Beginning Initiative which is where the those who are unable to obtain a stable job as a result of incarceration are able to contact the foundation and the foundation will work alongside it's partners to find those individuals a steady employment.
  2. This car screams my name. please I beg. +1
  3. I attempted to edit this into my original post but it did not give me the option, apologies for double posting.
  4. THE MONTICELLI FAMILY Main Application Name of group The Monticelli Family Purposed location Michael’s House (692) Explain why this is going to add to the RP available on the server outside of what is already available on the server I believe that the Monticelli roleplay will drastically improve the overall role play of BlueBird RP. The Monticelli RP is a form of criminal roleplay that is extremely different to many of the criminals commonly seen on most servers. The Monticelli RP serves to incorporate all forms of the ser
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