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  1. wish i had a bigger cart
  2. while out hunting for deer a huge grizzly bear come charging out of the forest. any other horse would have bucked and run for the hills, but not my bucky. he looked the bear square in the eyes and said 'not today' The brave steed took a hit from the wild beast while I drew my Bolt action rifle and took the shot. With 1 clean bullet between the eyes I downed the monster!! I love my boy for what he did for me. Our bond has never been stronger. Thank you Bucky my best friend!!
  3. so in other words you want the ability to take other players cars and auction them off profiting only yourselves because you found it abandoned? i don't think that is going to work. for starters there are many reasons cars can be abandoned. lets say you are driving your million dollar lambo, your head pops and you are stuck in cue trying to fly back in. you finally get back in after a few hours to find your car has been jacked and auctioned off. lol
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